OK, I admit it....I was wrong.

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    OK, I admit it....I was wrong. I estimated the annual increase for healthcare at a puny 8.7% instead of the 39% Blue Cross is ra1sing it health ins rates in March.


    But, C'mon, do you really think the proposed Obama care plan would have helped the average citizen that can't afford astronomical healthcare costs?

    Even if the dreaded public option went through it would not have helped. Have you ever noticed they never talked numbers just in generalities?

    For instance lets say they took all the profit out of the Blue Cross $15,000 a year annual premium for health plan me and my wife would have to pay. So with a non profit public option it may come down to $11,000 or $10,000 or $9000...so what! We still can't afford it. And we would have been in much worse shape paying the $3800 ObamaCare fine for not being able to afford healthcare.

    "Kaiser forecast that the yearly family premium for health insurance could reach $30,803.00 in ten years if the 8.7% annual increase of the previous 10 years were to continue."


    And lets go out a further 10 years. Now, the average premium is $70,939.00 per year at an 8.7% annual increase. Would you like to be forced under penalty of law to pay a $70,000 a year bill?

    Once healthcare insurance is mandated under penalty of law, the insurance companies will really start raping the public. They will have a captive audience.

    As I've told you time and time again...There is ONLY ONE SOLUTION to the healthcare mess in the US of A. The solution is this. We need a SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE plan for the poor (people making under $150,000 a year) as well as a 'FEE FOR SERVICE' plan for the rich. (current healthcare plan in the US.)

    We already have a socialized education system. We all pay for educating the kids through taxes. And some of us use this system and others don't, but we all pay. The people that don't want to use the public education system go the private education route.

    So it should be with healthcare.

    Tax people 1% to 6% depending on income and start a gov run healthcare system that can be used by ANY citizen in need. If that tax is not enough revenue, then start charging foreigners flying into the US an arrival and departure tax. Or start charging a 1% SHC (socialized health care) sales tax.

    If some of the citizens don't like receiving socialized government run healthcare, then they can always go the private healthcare route and pay their own way. Just as they can do with private education, if public schools are not to their liking. This is the only way a socialized healthcare proposal would work in the US of A. You need duplicate healthcare systems to satisfy all comers. The rich and the poor that cannot afford the rich healthcare system.
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    Wow. I had not thought of this way. Seems you are right. Thanks for a well done post. Makes it much more clear for me.

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