Ok, LTS and others...

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    How you go about making them tree rats nekid after you knock'em outta the tree? It has been so long, I forgot! Got a bunch of nice young greys just beggin to be cleaned.

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    Re: Ok, LTS and others...
    Don't remember how I used to do it. There is an easy way- couple cuts nad step on the feet and pull the hide off. I don't remember

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    Yanking the drawers offin a tree rat is easy. Hold by tail and shave/pull hair off around the rear orifice. The hair is basicly pulled out using the knife blade and thumb, in a pinching act.
    It should go just out to the legs slightly. We call it shavin the heiny. Now, cut through the tail close to the body, right where it comes out. You will need to pass through the bone and back to the inside of the hide only. You will then extend the cut (skin Only) down the legs just slightly....1/2". Once done. Grasp the hind legs and step on the tail, pull until skin is down around head, using your clean hand....stick fingers in front elbow joints and pull the leg joints free, leaving the feet intact. Now all of the skin (less the back legs) will be around the head and the ends of the front feet. With fish cleaning plyers (skiners) grasp the skin on the rear legs and strip it to the feet (you should still be holding the head with the dirty (hairy hand) Now snip the feet (rear) off with the skinners. Now move to the front feet and do the same. Still holding the head and the neck should be exposed, cut all the way around, then twist until it comes free (head) chunk the head and skin in a bucket and the fresh squirrel in a water filled bucket.......start over. If you rip the tail off, you did not cut it enough down the rear legs. The skin should come off, ALL, with the exception of the hind legs on the first pull.

    It will take a few times to get it down, but when done right and you have it down pat.....you should be able to do twenty plus in less than an hour.

    Then split the breast and stomach, gut and rinse.

    If I`m not clear on something, just ask.

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    That is the way mom taught us. We were close on a few things. the memory is not what it used to be. We did have one tail come off. I was cleaning one little grey and completely skinned the head except the nose, wiskers, and the eye lashes. Talk about funny lookin'. I told Dave and John that I was in the Mafia training coarse and I was going to put the head in the bed of a mortal enemy. I figured squirrel heads is a starter.

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    I don't want to know when you graduated to elephants, 22!
    "Keep Off The Ridgeline"
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