OK, Ob, here it is...Lizzie Borden.

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    Reply | Edit | Del All OK, Ob, here it is...Lizzie Borden.
    I was pre-Law in college (Big deal, you could study Creative Underwater BasketWeaving and declare Pre-Law... ) and one course in Legal Public speaking we had to take a notorious criminal and defend or prosecute in front of the class, the professor was judge, the rest of the class was the jury, it was cool...

    (I did the Ohio National Guard over Kent State...)

    But, one guy did Lizzie Borden...

    The cool part was after we all had NAILED down our prosecution or defense, and were fat dumb and happy, the next project he gave us was to do the OPPOSITE, using our first presentation for step by step refutation in front of the same jury...made us think after we quit groaning!

    Anyway, I'll see if I can dredge up the memories, if I remember right, he both acquitted her AND got her fried...

    All I really remember for now is the 40 whacks, then 41...

    But maybe he refuted it...
    I'm so PROUD to be an AMERICAN...

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    Reply | Edit | Del OK, here's the setup
    No guns in the house. 32-yr-old, sunday-school teaching stepdaughter hates the woman her rich but stingy father married. Other daughter way away. Maid out washing windows.

    Stepmother gets whacked. But whacked. Hour and a half passes; ancient father returns. He thinks he's taking a nap. But he gets whacked, too.

    Lots of money involved: Lizzie lives the rest of her life (35 years) in the rich part of town, entertaining actresses. Older daughter never speaks to her again.

    She is respectable. Ergo defense wins.


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    Lizzie Borden took an axe....
    and gave her mother 40 whacks.
    And when she saw what she had done....
    she gave her father 41!

    The Kingston Trio had a great song on this, one line of which was...."Oh ya can't chop your Papa up in Massa-chuetts...."

    I believe the Borden house is still there in Fall River....so after you've been down to Battleship Cove to see the USS Massachusetts (plus a destroyer and submarine), go on up and say hello to Lizzie.

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    Reply | Edit | Del Re: OK, here's the setup
    Heck, she coulda got away with the first insanity defense if she tried it.

    A white female OJ.
    I'm so PROUD to be an AMERICAN...

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    My memory of the Lizzie trial is a bit fuzzy, but didn't the maid testify about a tramp being seen in the yard or coming to the back door earlier in the day?

    Anyway, here's a neat site: www.halfmoon.org/borden/

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    Reply | Edit | Del tramp
    There were rumors to that effect, but the tramp made himself invisible and was never found. Whoever killed the Bordens had to be waiting in the house for about 90 minutes, from the time Mrs Borden was killed until Mr Borden came home. Nothing was stolen, and the only people to benefit were Lizzie and her sister Emma -- a lot.

    The amount of the inheritance and Miss Borden's composure throughout her ordeal would have made an insanity defense difficult.

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    "She got him on the sofa where he'd gone to take a snooze,
    and I hope he went to heaven, 'cause he wasn't wearing shoes.

    Lizzie rearrainged him with a hatchet, so they say...
    and then she got her mother, in that same old fashioned way."

    "Close the door, and lock and latch it.....here comes Lizzie with a brand-new hatchet!"

    Here's another neat site: www.lawbuzz.com/famous_tr...borden.htm
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