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I hate to open a can of worms, from what I've seen on you tube that is what happens. I am ready to go start shopping for a new (for me) semi auto pistol. Looking for either a 9mm or .45. Due to a very limited budget $350 absolute tops. I have looked at and fired a Hi Point C-9 and .45 . Also a Taurus .45 I believe it was a model PT111 ? Liked both. The Hi Point was new. The Taurus was used and $80 more than the Hi Point. I am open to experienced (have shot these) opinion. Haters please no. I have watched countless videos on both companies seem about 95% or more positive. Let it fly I guess. And thanks in advance for keeping the discussion intelligent and civil:D
If I had the choice between the Hi Point, and the Taurus, I would have to go with the Taurus. It is a better made gun, smaller, and lighter. And if I had to choose between the 9mm, and the .45, I would go with the .45. The 9mm is cheaper to shoot, but it doesn't have the one shot stop capability that the .45 has. Not saying that the .45 will stop a BG with one shot, that depends on where you put the bullet. But the odds are better for a one shot stop with the .45. Then again, I never shoot just one shot!:D
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