OK. try to answer This one!

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Ok, Try To Answer This One!
    How come my Ithaca M1911-A1 shoots just as
    accurarate and is just as tight as my Series 70
    MKIV Colt?

    In fact I think the Ithaca is more accurate than the

    I love both of them but I expected more out of the Ser-
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    Reply Re: Ok, Try To Answer This One!
    I've had this happen before. As a matter of fact the Ithica I had shot well after a little work. Tac, change the barrel bushing and link if you haven't already. That should help.
    BTW, I found the original arched mainspring housing w/ lanyard loop. Do you still need it ?

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    Reply Re: Ok, Try To Answer This One!

    From Kuhnhausen's breakdown on 1911 accuracy:

    Mechanical accuracy factors:

    Bushing fit - 20%
    Rear barrel side play - 20%
    Vertical lockup - 20%
    Frame/slide play -15%
    Barrel -10%
    Headspace - 10%
    other - 5%

    Shooter accuracy factors:

    Trigger - 50%
    Sights - 25%
    misc (ammo, grip, etc) - 25%

    Don't know how your two guns compare, but just having a tight bushing and lighter, better trigger pull, together could eclipse all other factors regarding bullseye accuracy. I put a hand-lapped bushing and lightened the trigger on a cheap ass Auto-Ordnance (just for practice), and it shot as accurate as my best para-ordnance pistol (shot better than I could). We talk about frame/slide tightness a lot, when in reality, its down on the list for accuracy factors.

    With higher priced 1911's, you're buying reliability (feedwise), and maybe ability to hold accuracy better over long term (better metals wear longer). The govt. specs favored reliability (loose guns that can fire when dirty), over accuracy, anyway. But there are good guns and lemons with all production guns, cheap or expensive.

    Least thats how I've come to understand it.

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    I guess you just got lucky, Tac.

    Most military '11A1s are pretty loose, but I have seen some tight ones.....and a tight "stock" military A1 can be a really nice gun.

    We had a dozen A1s on the Fleet Tug I was on, but the gunner's mate had his own "pet".....a nice tight Remington Rand he wouldn't let anybody else use.

    We had a whole sh*tload of .45 ball that was rapidly becoming outdated, so the skipper let us shoot it up off the fantail. We'd save the 1/2 pint milk cartons from the mess deck and toss 'em into the wake. Lotta fun shooting at bobbing milk cartons. That's when I fell in love with the M1911.

    Later, when we weren't shooting the ammo up fast enough, the old man let us break out our 3 Thompsons. Talk about fun!!!!

    Hammer......what percrentage for "Shooter's Twitch"?