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(10/25/02 8:20:43 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Okay getting more confused... Please help:)
I'm new to this and want to reload the following:

35 Remington

I was thinking that a Lee Progressive 1000 would do the trick for me however. A few things have me confused.

1) Will I only need new dies to reload the different rounds?

2) Does the 1000 come with everything else needed to get started?

3) The different powders and primers are getting a little confusing to me. How many types of each will I need for those rounds? Is this less confusing then I'm making it?

4) Who is the best priced supplier to buy from? I've looked and looked and would like to see who you all use and I can't sort it all out too easy.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for any help you can give.


PS Any other help or info on getting started would be great. I'm on a budget and while I'd like the Dillion 550 it's dawned on me thanks to my wife that I can't afford it.

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(10/25/02 9:20:01 pm)
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OK - to clear up the atmosphere!

Yes - you will need a different die set for each caliber your load. Pistol dies come 3 to a box (Sizer, mouth bell, seater). Rifle dies (unless straight walled cases) come 2 to a box (sizer, seater).

The Pro 1000 from Lee comes with powder measure, primer attachment and one set of dies.

You will need both small and large pistol primers, large rifle primers, a generic pistol powder (Alliant Unique is a good one for the calibers you have listed) and a rifle powder. Hodgdon H322 always worked for me in the .35 Remington, along with a 200 gr bullet. Ball powders always work best thru measures, but I've successfully used short grain powders with the Lee Perfect measure.

Natchez Shooters Supply at , or
Midsouth Shooters Supply at, or Graf & Sons at, or MidwayUSA at - should be able to supply you with whatever you need. They will all send a catalog, if requested.

The ONE thing you absolutely MUST have is a reloading manual. I recommend Lyman 47th Edition, Accurate Arms Loading Guide #2, Hodgdon Powder Data #27 Manual, Nosler Reloading Guide, 5th Edition, or the Speer Reloading Manual #13. These will give you clear insight into reloading much better than picking the brains of those here on the forum, who (including myself) can be quite biased at times.

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(10/26/02 9:06:09 am)
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I can't tell you much about rifle powders, never loaded for rifle. However, I've loaded for all of those pistol rounds.

Generally speaking, you can cover the pistol rounds with two powders.....Bullseye and Unique. Again, generally speaking, Bullseye is fine for light/target/plinking loads, and Unique works well for the heavier/combat loads.
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