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Place an egg in a bowl of water. Older eggs will float because a large pocket of air forms in the base, but fresh eggs will sink. This is one of the simplest ways to test for freshness. An egg will immediately smell bad if it is off.

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Where were you last week? I remembered there was some sort of water test related to eggs, but I could not remember whether they sank or floated. (Was too lazy to look it up.) Hard boiled 6 (a'hem) older eggs from the fridge. Started to peel one. Yep, thats bad. 馃い馃槖

Threw them as far as I could, one at a time, into the pond out back. (They sank.)
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I also know that spoiled eggs were prescribed in ancient time as a antibiotic because of the penicillin produced by decomposition.

Unwashed eggs will keep from decomposing for an extended time compared to washed eggs.

One more thing. Eggs make for extremely stinky farts. It鈥檚 from the sulfur in the yoke.
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