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(5/3/02 11:24:52 am)
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Old German Gun Week
It's been a week for old German guns to come through the shop. Had a Mauser P08 Luger come through for detail clean and evaluation, plus the guy said it occasionally fails to eject fully. Red flag went up when I saw the 'byf' toggle on a 1939 chamber date gun. Customer was telling me about it was a war bring-back and I would be the first to turn a screwdriver on it... went over the gun and it was obvious where the original serial number on the toggle had been filed/ground out and the matching serial number restamped. This had been done on a few of the parts and the whole piece had been reblued. Salt blue is correct for the 1939 S/42's, but this was the wrong color and wrong polishing marks. No mechanical problem with the gun, the guy was using too light of a bullet and limp-wristing. He was disappointed when my written evaluation was $400-$500 as a shooter, but when I showed him the gun (and showed him how to fieldstrip it) he understood. I also showed him where someone had built up the underside of the right grip panel with electrician's tape...

Also had an 1895 Chilean Mauser in 7x57 come in that the owner said was shooting five FEET high at 200 yards. Of course, the front sight had been filed down for some reason so it was a quick fix.

BUT, that means I had to drag myself to the range and test-fire this stuff. Just had to hum "Deutschland Uber Alles" during the range session, then took the wife to Hans Kirchner's restaurant for rouladen and red cabbage.


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