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    Sep 17, 2010
    I would like to take a doubt, I have a pistol that was from my grandfather (photo attached) He lived em South america (Brasil) but do not have any mark of origin just the number 7 underneath the trigger, Some one told me is from Spain can you tell me something? Or how much it worth?

    > http://images.orkut.com/orkut/photo...xTERHdLUAm1T1UKMCaMVaJJSKbavFwBei74E-sxsS.jpg
    > http://images.orkut.com/orkut/photo...a3alge_0Am1T1UAjQk-Y7AB9pX1TdL9k465M8yEJ9.jpg
    > http://images.orkut.com/orkut/photo...pUU5Xi38Am1T1UBWh8nUfenqOily-7FzDRkOaq8Yf.jpg
    > http://images.orkut.com/orkut/photo...V1BPjnKUAm1T1UHTEGzno8rD2PjOU-VE7pJt3PbOD.jpg
    > http://images.orkut.com/orkut/photo...2UQrB8hIAm1T1UHyw8iUxslLCKLYJ06F6rCMf3AKe.jpg
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    I'm guessing, from the extremely thin chamber walls, it's a 410? Are you in the US? Are the barrels smoothbore or rifled?

    If your answers are yes, yes and smooth, get rid of it quickly. It's illegal as hell.

    If it's rifled, you're okay. If you're not in the US, it's probably okay whether it's rifled or not.

    Rossi, in Brasil, made a similar gun, but I think the latch was different.

    Value? Not much. It looks in pretty sad shape. If you are somewhere where it is legal, maybe a hundred bucks.

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    Feb 22, 2004
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    These guns were made primary in France, Spain and Belgium, the are very popular in South America for self defence among the poorer class, being that your father lived in South America the odds are it is indeed Spanish. As Alpo stated, yours is in very poor condition and more of a relic than a firearm. I think a hundred would be very generous. It could be chambered for the obsolete 12 MM round, in any case it does not look safe to shoot. Sorry about that.
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