Old Triancolo Stilletto

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  1. denny 714

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    Oct 5, 2010
    Does anyone know or ever heard of a Triancolo switch blade? I bought it in 1963 and it looked just like it looks in the picture. I paid $25.00 for it, and belive me if anyone can remember that was a bunch of money. The blade is 4mm thick and so is the spring. It has a steel liner (not brass) all the way around it, and I think the handles are a thick stag. My guess is it was made in the 40's or 50's. The front bolsters do not move, you have to pick up the latch to release the blade. Looks like it is all heavy steel and has a super firing power. It's not like the ones you see today, this one is really built!
    Any idea of the value of this oldie? Would appreciate all the info I can get on this one!!!

    Denny G.

  2. Bill DeShivs

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    Apr 7, 2006
    Actually, it's "Triangolo."
    You have a rare and valuable old knife. It appears to be a 9" (open) model.
    Handles are indeed stag, and the liners and bolsters are chrome plated steel.
    Value is subjective. There are people who would pay $500 (maybe a lot more!) for it.
    If you are interested in selling it, I would be more than happy to broker it at the Blade Show next month. That's the place to get top dollar for it.