Older 10/22: Collectible or Accurize?

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    I've been reading the threads on accurizing the 10/22, and was wondering if I should do the same to mine. However, mine is an older (1967 or 196 , non-prefix 10/22, with the walnut S.E. Overton stock (slightly different foreend contour) and metal buttplate and triggerguard (they're plastic on the new ones, right?). Another oddity on mine is that the rear sight is fixed, not adjustable (well, I guess you can move it in the dovetail for windage). Should I leave this one alone and find a newer one for conversion, or is there really no collectibility in it?

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    Hiya' RobC, I'd venture to say that if your rifle isn't 100% accurize that Bad-Boy *wink*
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    Re: Older 10/22: Collectible or Accurize?
    The collectible 10/22's are the older Deluxe versions and the International versions. If your older rifle is not NIB, then go for it.
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