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I've got a 586 smith .357/.38 with the 8 3/8 barrel...great condition...from brief checking, I'm seeing sale prices around $ that any where near accurate for worth?
Also, I've got an old smith and wesson "highway patrolman". 6" barrel...any idea of that one's worth? They're excess to my firearms and don't really have a job to do like most of the rest...

How about an old M1 garand? Looks like it really did server in Korea, but not bad condition.
I've never even fired that one...but since it sounds like fun and I've got an extra box of ammo, I'll be doing that pretty soon lol.

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We really need pictures and the "dash" numbers from the crane.
The S&W 586 8-3/8" is actually my favorite Smith firearm. Mine is a 586 no dash and is factory ported.
The S&W 28 6" we also need the S/N as there is a big value difference for those manufactured 1954-57 and those manufactured 1957-86.
S&W 586 8-3/8"
$670 - 100%
$470 - 95%
$395 - 90%
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