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    Why should the olympic village that houses the athletes be the 'lap of luxury? In an article in the news, the athletes have the best and finest of everything, while the homeless people in Vancouver were 'hustled' off to another area of the city so as no to spoil the image for the visiting diginitaries and spectators. The city of Vancouver also has a whopping bill to pay for hosting the olympics games and the taxpayers don't like it one bit. As usual, some get to live in luxury as most others have to work their a$$ off to pay the bill. It is just not right. If the city cannot fund it completely, then they should not host the games, period. It is simply wrong to jack up tax rates to pay for it. Too much hoopla, IMO. I don't think the games are about athletic ability so much as they are about MONEY.
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    When it was announced that the Olympics would be coming to Utah years ago, I wasn't happy about it. I thought it would cost too much and bring a lot of congestion and other problems. Right up until the games started in 2002, I was bracing for the worst, but it turned out to be a really great experience and a good thing for the state that has had lasting positive effects.

    I don't know a lot of the specifics of the Vancouver games, but I think we have seen several examples of poor organization. No offense to our Canadian friends, I really wish them the best. I think the biggest problem is the International Olympic Committee. It has been run by the same relics for decades. These are the same people that have been involved in multiple scandals and bribery / corruption cases. A little turn over would do the games good I think...

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    You are right it is all about the money and endorsements. The flip side is that it may give some young people an opportunity they may otherwise not had.
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