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    Aug 19, 2013
    I was watching yet another you tube on ballistics and load development or something to that effect when the author mentioned a program: On Target Data Precision Calculator (PC) created by Jeff Block http://www.ontargetshooting.com/index.html I went to the site and the Precision Calculator looked interesting. For only 11.99 I paypal'd it and the next day received my unlock code. In the email that gave me my unlock code I saw another one of his programs On Target Data Systems (TDS) http://www.ontargetshooting.com/tds/index.html The TDS one was based off the PC and was included in the TDS. Drats, I missed that nugget and paypal'd the $75 for the TDS program. Figured oh well and would just have to eat the $12. Well, lo and behold, SURPRISE! When the unlock code came for the TDS, I also received a refund for my $12 mistake as well. Jeff didn't have to do that. It's a real treat to run across folks that have honor and character. In all the downer quagmire going on these days, Jeff made my day!
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