Once a machinegun, always a MG?

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    Sep 19, 2004
    I haven't been able to get a clear answer about this.
    Can a PostDealer (or pre-dealer)Sample that has been converted to semi-auto be transferable to civilians... Does it lose it's "Machine-gun" status when you remove the FA fire control parts? What about for example... say a Post HK MP5 (or clone) converted to Semi... is it now just a SBR or does it need to comply with any provisions of 922 for "sporting purposes" if indeed it was imported? HK makes and sells a Semi only version of the MP5 and UMP... Why cant we transfer those as SBR on form 4s? What about a parts kit and domestic reciever like the Hk clones made by BobcatWeapons in AZ... Once it is registered as a Post Dealer ClassIII MG does that status(Post Dealer) stick? Can a civilian ever own a postdealer converted to semi?

    just curious...
    -Robert in Las Vegas, NV
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    Welcome aboard Robert.

    Basically you're title/question is also the answer "Once a machinegun, always a MG"

    No dealer samples are transferable, with the exception that when an
    SOT goes inactive, he/she may if they desire, keep any left-over
    tranferable NFA firearms and Pre-May '86 dealer samples however, if
    the SOT does decide to keep a Pre-May '86 dealer sample, it can NEVER
    be transfered to ANYONE but another SOT, LEO agencies, etc.,

    Post guns are not transferable to non-SOT's in any form, period.
    Exchanging or removing NFA parts out of an already classifed NFA
    firearm and replacing the parts with all semi parts, does not change
    it's classification in any way.

    Exception: NFA "Registered Bolts" may be used in non-NFA firearms, as in these cases the bolt itself is registered as the NFA weapon, therefore, the bolt may be used in any firearm that will accept it.

    Once an MG, SBR, etc., ALWAYS an MG or SBR. In fact, once an SOT, ALWAYS an SOT.

    To others out there that may be a bit more caught up lately than I am, please feel free to interject.

    Hope this helps with your questions, feel free to ask anytime, it's always better to ask and be safe, than to assume and be sorry. NFA isn't something to be taking chances with, and although to my knowledge the above is accurate info, it is still technically an opinion and not to be construed as positive fact. For positive fact and legal proof it is always best to contact NFA's technology branch and get your answers in writing from them if you do need legal info on something you may be considering.

    Did I also mention that NFA shooting is a real BLAST! It's loads of fun for

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    Sep 11, 2002
    Colorado Rocky Mountains
    They ARE a blast to shoot.
    You can really depleate the funds buying ammo for it. :eek:
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