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(7/12/01 7:29:29 am)
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Anyone catch a Tom Beringer movie called "One Mans Hero". It was about a group of irish deserters that went over the Mexican side during the Mexican War. They deserted over religious persecution. Kind of a different flick...I pulled out a reference book and it seems like these guys get very short shrift for their story. I thought it was fascinating.
I am not excusing their actions against the US....but think what could have been if it had happened in the Vietnam Era?? Didnt Hitler have a brigade of English turncoats??? regards swede
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(7/12/01 11:58:32 pm)
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The S.S. tried to raise many foreign units, with little success. Their "brigades" were in most cases just a few men.

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(7/13/01 1:13:08 am)
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Actually the SS had several all foriegn Divisions, there were even JEWS that fought in them, but usually undercover, the LAST place the Nazis would look for them.

In fact, it's kind of ironic that the SS prided itself as being "Real" Germans, but had whole divisions made up of the very Eastern European "untermenschen" that they were trying to enslave or eradicate!

They had plenty of Russians in the SS, plenty of Baltic peoples, Csechs, Slovaks, Turks, Muslims, even some French. Don't know if there were any English or Americans.

Some fought on the Eastern Front, but many fought in Yugoslavia against the partisans.

There were a few cases of "Americans" usually of German descent who were "caught" in Germany in '39 and fought in the Wermacht.

Likewise some Japanese-Americans caught in Japan in Dec.'41 fought in the Japanese Army or Navy.

There were rumors during Vietnam of American deserters fighting with the VC/NVA...several sightings during the war, and in a few sources I've read since. There was a question at the time as to whether the sightings during the war MAY have been Russian advisors that looked like Americans, but in at least one source I've read that there were some Americans, but not many.
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(7/13/01 5:40:30 am)
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Spent half of one year trying to put A renegade Frenchman out of His misery back in '67 up on the Cambodian/Laotion border,never did do it, but after We got blasted to doll rags, The Big Boys came in and got Him, C.I.A money is the greatest weapon in it's arsenal, (I have His sawed off Darne double barrel shot gun, The Man that retrieved it made me A gift, I wanted the cowboy hat and the head under it, but He kept the hat, don't know about the head,)
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(7/13/01 8:42:18 am)
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Hey Ty......sounds like a helluva story there. Care to elaborate?

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(7/13/01 11:45:22 am)
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Yeah, Tye-

When you get back from the "double deep south" (?), this sounds like a story that needs telling - we'll all be interested in hearing if, if you care to.
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