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    Nov 9, 2008
    Fort Worth, Texas

    Well....nobody's respondin to my post's ..

    " gun business savy "....or "knoby creek"...

    I'll try one more for I conkout tonight..sleep..

    Real serious....

    Still watchin wedn gun shows...Im not a pistol expert beyond 1911a1...BUT...

    They just did a fine story on "Colt 1903..."

    And I agree with the gun experts tonight and all the pics/video and history...Probably the BEST cocealed carry gun ever....

    Called "hammerless"..but hammer set up...not pin like hidden in rear of receiver...
    chmbeerd in .32 and .308 ...acp's....
    just change barrel and magazine for either...

    Also agree with host's....32 probably BEST all around SHORT range defense cartridge to date...

    MY question...basically...

    Why would not Colt take this unbelievably great weapon...set up modern CNC...and yes..add any MAJOR improvements from 1911...alloy's...etc concerning improvements of history ...THEN

    Set up and make per lines..these Commermitive (spellin?)fine pistols that people would eat up for CCH and carry....

    And would certainly be able to MAKE..SELL for easily about $ 250. apeice...and make profit...and see that millions are sold....

    I have always been valuable to my employers as THE customer contact...I knew fine line of keeping customer happy and not giving profit away...

    But my poor late Dad and Brother...used to always sit around as we did..and say if they could only make or produce aproduct that would wind up in nearly every home..and just make a dollar per unit/ greed..just good profit...

    I just dont understand business I I could easily see that MILLIONS of these reproductions could be sold at good profit......
    and keep USA made in it too....

    I dont understand...our 2nd getting stronger and ,more secure every day...empty machine shops across this country..CNC also....ANd I know enough of market and people to understand there will always be the need and want for custom gunnery work...special needs and desires and improvement in makes and designs ...etc....

    But call me crazy ..( or drugged :p ).but I do see a genuine chance wasted put probably the best..lightest..most dependable cocealed pistol in millions of hands.......where is the production...?

    Does anybody see my point...I dont mind being told Im crazy........


  2. oscarmayer

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    Jun 24, 2008
    having owned a few colt pocket models in both 32 and 380 acp i agree. it's a fine gun . colt is missing the boat they could sell thousands. i used to hang out at the colt forum until i figured they were anti- everything but a colt and i know there has been letter writting campains to get colt to re-introduce this model. now here is the rumor, colt doesn't want to make a gun that the public might conceal. they don't want the pressure from the anti's . yes i know countless thousands pack and conceal their 45's and they even make small 45's for concealment. but the 45 in any shape is a icon and doesn't have the stigma attached to it. the last pocet model was made in 1945 (?) and if reintroduced now would be looked at as a ploy to cater to the gun carrying public which is something no major gun company wants. just look at how quickly smith and wesson and ruger sold out the public in 1994 during the clintion assult weapon ban. remember it was just a rumor ? :confused:

  3. glocknut

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    Dec 14, 2003
    I had already gone to bed.... :D

  4. 1shot1k

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    Nov 9, 2008
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Thanks to U and gn for respondin....I guess I see your point..but hell...this was also a military bid gun....and was "concealed" choice..cause was one of first slim line auto' 1911 frame....heck..half or more of the current .380 auto or small nines auto...same difference....

    I really feel same reason they dont do this as....

    every maker must keep coming up with new crap...more tooling..more this ..more have design people on payroll...etc.......

    I guess people arent seeing my wierd point to easy cost/milling..I mean...and here another example maybe.......

    My late younger bro got in a car club fore he died...they restored and traded/drove/sold..rebuilt..etc..only Ford vintage 60's mustangs...I would read his books and magazines...and you could get EVRY single factory style replacement part you could need for any Mustang...except I believe (at that time) the piece of chrome across top windshield for 1 model...?

    ANYWAY..learned at that time...and probably higher since...but for example..the damn japanese ready to give 200,000 dollars for one of these damn things then..could not get enough and I know they still love em.....

    Never knwe why some outfit didnt make some deal with Ford or Ford itself set up part of a line to make..I dont know..100 a year repro throw at demand..for offshore or hell , here...what idiot would know seeing a guy driving down the street in a shiny mustang...wether it was artfully restored ..or one of these new ones..just an example...because todays money/me/me world..doesnt care one damn hoot about art/reconstruction/classic/..etc....they want the LOOK and FEEL and STATUS...

    just a point...and get mad...but same with ar15...MOSt...I say MOST..meaning MAJORITY hoarding market now....dont want an ar15 to have a .308 or .223 rifle...basking in the glories of the round or ballistics or the properties of the round..etc...they simply and honestly want to look like they are carrying an dshooting a soldiers or LEO's or Military's's looks..Feel....

    I was talking above about profit AND putting an affordable handgun within reach of those that dont have self protection simply because of costs. I guess I didnt exlplain myself, sorry..I meant to provide this gun..I dont care if COLT did it..flood market..OH..say 50 million or whoever wanted it for $ 250.00...then sign off service to a millionare then get ongoing design , stated...been no better than it since 1903 yet..!...

  5. RunningOnMT

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    Nov 19, 2008
    Akron, Ohio
    Don't know anything about the piece you're speaking of but you know , I've had a similar thought about vintage cars. Wondered about GM remaking '57 Chevys..just like they did back then but with up to date engine and drive train. I don't know..maybe that wouldn't appeal to a large enough segment of the population to make it worthwhile.
  6. TranterUK

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    I think I get what your saying, but then I may have missed the point entirely. I worked in the gun trade in several roles for a long time, so have an theory.

    Over the last 30 odd years buyers have become much more cartridge savvy. The .380 / 9mm short while quite effective just doesn't stack up against say the 9mm parabellum. And there are plenty of good, compact 9mms around. Added to which the small pistol market has been partially taken by compact large calibre pistols, starting back with the original .45acp Colt Officers. There was a time when a big calibre came in a big gun, and if you wanted a small gun, you got a small calibre.

    There are a lot of calibres out there and I think some gun manufactures would like to see the range reduced, at least for the mass produced factory jobs. Many if not most manufacturers have a .380 anyway, why more with the huge cost involved both in production and then marketing?

    Last of all, if you find an old gun you like, and you check it out properly, carry it! I myself carried a vintage Beretta M1934 for a while, and really liked it. I never got tired of popping the barrel out with the heel of my hand to the muzzle for a clean.
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