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(7/11/01 6:44:00 pm)
| Del All One night in the HQ MACV compound
Ok, stories were requested, so, me being a man that can't seem to pass up an chance to write something, guess I can try to relate a few stories, for what they are worth. I don't have the horrifying stories to relate that some can, but some of my stuff may be of interest to ya'll. Some of it is down right funny (or silly, depending on your point of view) and some is not, but all of it happened to me, anyway.
At the HQ MACV compound when doing guard duty, we were attached to a unit called the Provisional Defense Force. We would pull this duty 2 nights on, 2 nights off, for 2 months, then off for 1 month, etc. This was in addition to our regular REMF dutys. This unit was commanded by a full Col.
It gave the staff officers "Combat Command" time, so they rotated every 90 days. (exactly the amount of time needed to get credit for command time)
For a few days preceeding Tet, 1969, we had been hearing many rumors, of course, as to the possibilty of an attack. We had even been briefed that their was "a reasonable possibility" of enemy action soon.(More on this another time) The night before Tet began, I was posting the guards around midnight. As I dropped off the crew on a 60 position out on a dark corner, a young PFC asked me what he should do if he heard anything. I could see he was very freightened. (who wasn't?) I ask him if he knew what his special orders and SOP said. He told me he did, but that did not help. Let me regress here and explain the politics in the Siagon area at that time. SOP dictated that "no person shall load a round into their personal weapon at anytime, not shall they fire there weapon at any time, unless ordered to do so by a superior or unless they were unequivocally receiving hostile (as opposed to non-hostile?) fire from an enemy force." Thus, as I posted these young troops, they had to set there in the dark with empty weapons.
Thinking what may help the situation, I simply stated the truth. I told the young soldier I would not set out in the dark, after hearing about the "reasonable possibility" of enemy action, with an empty weapon. As I left the area, I heard the sound of one M-60 being locked and loaded.
I did not know that I was being followed by a FNG 1LT, who was the officer of the guard. Have no fear, he did his duty. As soon as morning came, he reported me and requested a court martial. Can you believe that?? Off course you can. At least the Col. had better smarts. He told the LT to drop the whole matter, chewed my ass, and kept on truckin'. And, I, having friends in the officers assignment branch, did what???to who??? Like they say, pay-back is a M-F!!!!!

Got another story about the Col. for later.

Fortunately, nothing happened that night. And I kept my stripes and out of LBJ!!!

BTW, I did insure the young troop cleared his weapon when they came in.

Now, if this kind of stuff is boring, please let me know. Don't want my friends to fall asleep in the middle of the post!!!

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(7/11/01 7:06:46 pm)
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Re: One night in the HQ MACV compound
Enjoyed the story very much. While you may not have been out in the middle of some jungle, the perceived threat was real and could well have become a reality. Matter of fact, I'm surprised that MACV and where our company was located in Long Binh (next to the 93rd Evac Hospital) wasn't targeted more than it was.
I think that stories such as this one are reflective of your experience and should absolutely be and your cohorts could have easily been statistics just like anyone else in Vietnam........where you were wasn't exactly a fortress if my memory serves me!

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(7/12/01 4:47:40 am)
| Del Re: One night in the HQ MACV compound
Just goes to show that it really didn't matter where you could be just as dangerous!

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(7/17/01 12:30:06 am)
| Del Re: One night in the HQ MACV compound
Great story, Stan H.!


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(7/17/01 5:01:54 pm)
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Hawk...I hear MACV and my head turns. This PDU...were they round eyes? My duty station and actual home camp was the Provence MACV MATS at SaDec. We were required to rotate the bush as well with a month in and a month out to bolster the Distict MAT units in Dong Thap Provence. I gladly traded off with others for these District units and was welcomed by them as well...they didn't need the headache of a disgruntled "loaner".

Any time with MATS or in the spooky world of CORD's or S-2 ?...there is a real Boogey Man gang.

MACV was such an octopus and a shady world with all the differing units, programs and such.
...and two hard boiled eggs.

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(7/17/01 5:36:18 pm)
| Del Re: One night in the HQ MACV compound
no, Homer, fortunitly I did not have anything to do with those "spook" type guys, except handling their "classfied" records which is a story in itself. I will try to figure out what I can write about that,,,,coming soon to a BB near you!!

BTW, yes, the PDU was just a bunch of us REMF's, trying to act like we knew what the hell we were doing.

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(7/29/01 8:25:56 pm)
| Del Re: One night in the HQ MACV compound
We had people get inside the bunker line at Cu Chi and Tay Ninh both. My weapons only got cleared when they left my hands to go to someone else's or were being cleaned, we even kept our fifties half-charged. I was in base camp once, I guess I pissed off the first shirt cause he picked me for bunker guard with two other guys. Any way I get a 60 off my track and we toddle off to this artillery unit on the perimeter. Only time I ever stood a guard mount in country. This FNG 1st Lt. wants to inspect everybody. He gets to me and asks why I brought an M-60, they supplied guns in the bunkers. I said, "well sir, I don't know if yours work, this one does." Then he looks at my M-79, fore-end held on with tie wire, no front sight, chunk missing from the stock and and asks to handle it, I open it up, take out the HE round and hand it over. That got to him good! He then asks me if it shoots, he gets a solid Yes Sir! and reverts to basic training when he asks, "Would you bet your life on it?" My two brothers lost it as he finally spotted the only decoration on my uniform, a CIB. He went from fishbelly white to a nice titty pink in two seconds flat. He handed me back my gun (didn't ask to see my .45) and finished that inspection in less than a minute.
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