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    Here is the top of You Tube’s most viewed -- with over 895,900 hits – showing a Member of the European Parliament’s (MEP’s) tirade against Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Daniel Hannan refers to Gordon Brown as "The Devalued Prime Minister Of A Devalued Government."

    “Daniel Hannan is not speaking with a TelePrompTer in the video below. This man stood in Parliament, with Prime Minister Brown sitting at table in front of him, and explained with great specificity why Brown is now the devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government. I continue to ask: where are America's Defending Fathers? They should be in the House and the Senate. Does anyone in Congress have the guts to stand and duplicate this speech from the floor? Just change a few trivial details, like substitute Barack Obama's name for Brown's, in most places, moderate a bit that it's not over for us yes, but we're close..and give the speech.” (Maggie’s Notebook, Thursday, March 26, 2009)

    Daniel Hannan’s speech below: