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    If everyone would be so kind as to allow me to take a moment to submit an editorial about the guns we love and cherish, I would be most appreciative.

    I decided to put these thoughts onto paper (text) after listening and reading others describe the gun as a weapon. We as gun owners and gun right advocates are already under the microscope by the liberal left and their cohorts in the media. We have been portrayed as gun toting bible thumpers by this president, “tea-baggers” by the media, and have drawn the eye of “Big Sis” at the department of Homeland Security. So with so many already against “us” as a group, the last thing we need is self destructive behavior from within.

    It is of my opinion, that the best and most beneficial term for all of us to use in referring to a gun, whether it be a long gun or hand gun, is “firearm.” Stop using the word “weapon.” The word “weapon” while it may sound intimidating to macho to use, is indicative of purely one way a person my utilize his firearm. The media keys in on this and exploits this. They portray us a trigger happy fools with a backwoods southern drawl who think with our guns and not with our minds, and are anxious for any opportunity to wield a style of vigilante justice.

    The firearms we love and cherish are nothing more than a tool. Whether we decide to use that tool in a constructive manner or destructive manner is up to the owner. If used in IPSC, NRA, skeet, trap, or bullseye matches, your firearms is nothing more than another piece of sports equipment. If your firearm is used in hunting, than it is a provider. Not until you are placed into a situation where your life, or the life a family member is in peril, and your firearm is discharged, is that firearm a “defensive weapon.”

    I hope I am not alone with my position. I can’t tell you how many blogs, postings, you-tube videos, conversations with friends, and even signs at ranges that constantly refer to the firearm as a weapon. The consistent use of this negative term for a firearms is simply amplifying the voices of the anti-gun left and disarming you.

    Thank you.
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