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    Has anyone dealt with F.G.S., Inc. in Portsmouth, OH.? I am considering adding a P.38 to my collection.
    Thanks for your opinions!


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    Re: Opinion fo F.G.S.
    I personally haven't heard of them before however, if
    your interested in a quality P-38, why not check with
    a price from one of our members and or staff here at

    Check with Bob In ST. Louis or Antique Doctor for starters,
    or an established member of this site, if not then let me
    know exactly what you want and we'll try and make it

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    Thanks! A shop here has one that looks great. They say it is un decided as to whether or not the piece has been refinished. It looks new, but I saw it had a great accumulation of copper showing in the bore. It comes with two mags and a JWA4 holster...$795 on the tag. I feel I can get for less as they have heavily discounted to me in the past. Their gunsmith is the one I use extensively. I don't collect P38s but would just like one for my collection.

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    I have heard of this F.G.S. before. They managed to locate a collection of very nice condition Lugars and P-38s in Europe several years ago and imported them. They are not cheap, but from what I have seen and heard, they are good quality.
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