opinions on taurus pt 945 please

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    (1/27/03 5:49:31 am)
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    looking at a used pt 945 in black and gold for $330.
    anyone have any experience with these pistols?

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    (2/28/03 9:37:09 pm)
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    My son has one of these. If you can believe it he likes
    it better than his Kimber. It has never jammed, and the
    ease of take down and cleaning is a snap. His Kimber
    is picky with certain types of ammo and ftf sometimes.
    The Kimber is more accurate but he likes the Taurus.
    Just my 02.

    Best. tinyc

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    (3/1/03 11:41:43 am)
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    I have also owned a Taurus PT 945. It was always 100% reliable out of the box. Would chamber anything. Unfortunately it was about the most inaccurate pistol I ever owned. It was probably accurate enough for it's intended purpose as a defensive pistol, but I was used to better. I sold it to a friend who in turn traded it off because he did not feel it's accuracy was good enough either. I had the oppritunity to fire another PT 945 recently and I had the same results. Incredibly reliable, but not very accurate.