Opinions please on the Taurus 605 & 617

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    The Taurus 605 is a five shot .357magnum snubbie revolver while the Taurus 617 is a seven shot .357magnum snubbie revolover. How do these two guns compare to each other as far as size is concern ( the following two images are NOT shown to scale):

    Also, how would these two compare in size against a Smith & Wesson J-frame & K-frame ( closer in size to a J-frame? closer in size to a K-frame? some where in the middle?).

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    Bought my wife one last October for her birthday, she uses it for her CCW, She likes it for the size and being able to use a 357mag load, but she likes her Ruger P89 better. She much prefers shooting 38spec , but complains it is still hard to handle shooting 38s in the gun, doesnt really care that it does not have sights, tried to explain to her , most times you need to use a weapon to defend yourself, your not going to be using sights anyway.

    If it is for a lady, I would say DONT get the weapon, if it is for yourself, I would say BUY IT, I like it myself for closeup stuff.

    As far as the 617 is concerned, I think it would be just about the same, and the 617 you can get in Titanium, a little less weight but still a small weapon, the only other thing about the 617 you would get 7 shots instead of only 5 with the 605.

    Hope this helps in some small way!!!

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    I've had the 605B for a couple of years. Nothing bad to say about it.