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Reply | Edit | Del All Eye relief for .22 WMR pump rifle (scope Question)

I'm looking for advice on what rimfire scope to purchase. Its going on a Taurus M72 .22 Mag pump gun. The scope base sits fairly forward on the reciever and the web site says to ensure that the scope has good eye relief.
No one makes a scope mount for this rifle other than taurus, and the rear iron sight must be removed to install the scope base. I've called Taurus customer service to find out the measurements...they were NO help.
So here I am, coming to the fountain of knowlege.
I'm leaning twards the Leupold Rimfire 2-7 x 28 Fine Duplex Reticle OR the Weaver RV-7 2-7x28 Rimfire, Dual X Reticle. Does anyone know if these have enough eye relief for my purpose? Also, is EFR a concern?
The 22 Mag is supposed to be a 100 yd cartrige for critters up to 25-30 lbs, especially with the right ammo. CCI makes a JHP (see table below) that may fit this bill (2200+fps). They also make a solid in case I needed more penetration. Does anyone have any observations on this cartridge? I intend to get the 23" bbl, not the carbine.

Once again, thanks to all who share the knowledge.

Below is a table of ammo/velocity/accuracy of the various brands of ammo. While I understand that each rifle has its own prefrence, this table gives a general overview of how each round performs.

.22 WMR
23 inch barrel

Ammunition Average Velocity

(fps) Standard Deviation
(fps)Average Group(inches)
CCI Maxi0-Mag +V HP 2207 7 0.88
CCI 40 Maxi-Mag Solid 1781 33 1.33
Federal 30 Sierra JHP 2151 34 1.13
Federal 50 Classic JHP 1564 24 1.25
Remington 33 Polymer Tip 1564 24 1.25
Winchester 34 Supreme JHP 2162 3 0.75
Winchester 40 JHP 1858 41 1.25

Groups fired at 50 yards; overall average 1.1385 inches

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(5/21/02 1:56:42 pm)
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Re: Eye relief for .22 WMR pump rifle (scope Question)
Both of the scopes you mention have 4" or less eye relief. I imagine if your scope is going to positioned ahead of the receiver that you will need to use a handgun scope to get adequate eye relief.

The variable pistol scope field is owned by Burris. Check out their website for ideas.

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(5/21/02 7:22:16 pm)
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Re: Eye relief for .22 WMR pump rifle (scope Question)
Usally manufactures list eyerelief in the scope technical stuff. Heck even the Cabelas catolog list the eye relief on the scopes.

Do not be afraid to put a big scope on a rimfire. You will not regret it. I prefer the Tasco World Class 3x9x40. Really makes a rifle out of that 22.

If your mounts are not high enough for the 3x9x40 you can use the 3x9x42 Tasco Pronghorn. I have on of those also. The 9 power is very nice when shooting critters or targets at long range.

Here is a link that show eye relief. Just click on the scope series you want. I noticed the Tasco Bantam has 6" of eye relief.

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