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    * The Federal Reserve Note (FRN) is a fiat tax-anticipation coupon backed by nothing but the power to tax you, and bearing the likenesses of various deceased notables, including the traitor and foppish banker's boy, Alexander Hamilton (whom Burr might have shot years earlier), and "Honest" Abe Lincoln, "The Great Emancipator," a known sodomist and despot who vigorously opposed the black and white races ever living together (he proposed an amendment to the Constitution to deport the slaves to Liberia), and destroyed the Constitution in his zeal to "save" it . Other than that, an all-around swell guy with a great monument!

    The FRN is monetized under the direction and control of the Federal Reserve System, a private, for-profit banking cartel which is not "Federal," has no "Reserves" and is not a "System," being that all power is consolidated in New York City in the hands of a small group of dominant men who are beholding to ancient oriental interests which, having first deceived the peoples of Europe into accepting central banking with its inherently fraudulent power to create out of thin air, and at virtually no cost to its first users, debt/credit "money" backed by absolutely nothing, invaded America in 1913 and, through the engineered "inflation" of a paper currency which can be printed as fast as the presses can be made to operate, and then run up and down in value like notes on a cheap accordian, continue to this day to hold the majority of its "Class A" voting stock.

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    Everything Is OK

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