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(4/23/02 8:01:04 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All Outstanding Out The Front Knife! DesertKnifeWorks D.A. OTF.
I recently purchased a Desert,Knife,Works out the front double action knife. Microtech had set the standards for OTF's for a long time, but this one takes a second look, the action is so smooth the lockup us good, no blade play out of the box, and virtually unheard of for this type of knife, it will punch though a fifty gallon oil drum repeatedly and still you push the slider back and forth and it works flawlessly... Worth taking a good look at for sure.... Dan.

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(4/23/02 10:24:16 am)
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Re: Outstanding Out The Front Knife! DesertKnifeWorks D.A. O
Welcome Aboard Dan!

I tried the site you mentioned in the other topic
but it doesn't come up, do you have the full link
for it?
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(4/24/02 4:12:50 pm)
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In reply to your message, look up, I am sure you will not be dissapointed. They have many fine knives to offer, both conventional and auto knives. Some can get pretty well out of my league though..While you look through the knives be sure to check out the OTF microtech Dragonslayer knife. I think it will be a real collector.... Dan.

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(4/26/02 6:36:43 am)
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Holy Cow!!! a $2600.00 switchblade?

Don't get me wrong, I love knives... but $2600.00?

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(4/26/02 3:45:00 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del $2,600.00 Microtech Dragonslayer OTF knife.
Yes, as I said some of them get way out of my league,as far as how much they cost, I collect knives, and have an extensive auto knife collection. The Dragonslayer is just one that I would have to lock up in a vault though. Or break into one to be able to pay for Have to admit it is sweet though. Hope you found alot of knives there that did appeal to you and your budget though. It is one of my favorite sites for auto knives... Another knife that I love is the french Laguiole knife, these knives are hand made in france by family guild members and are very beautiful and well made. We call them picnic knives with their corkscrew and long blade. They have quite a history behind them too... Later guys...
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