(Oz news) Tony Abbott promises to increase military pension

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    ABOUT 57,000 people receiving a military pension have been promised a new deal by the Coalition to increase their payments at the same rate as the age pension.

    The Opposition says it would cost $100 million over four years to make the switch, but the Gillard Government insists the price is an unsustainable $1.7 billion.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott made the pledge during a visit to Bendigo yesterday.

    Veterans groups said during the past 10 years the age pension had increased by 95 per cent, pensions for federal MPs by 91 per cent, but military superannuation by just 33 per cent.

    "The public would be shocked to know that old-age pensioners are getting a fairer deal ... than our ex-service personnel," Mr Abbott said.

    "This is an injustice."

    Treasurer Wayne Swan, whose father and grandfather both fought, gave a stirring defence of the Government's decision not to change the indexation rules, saying it was not valid to compare the benefit scheme with the age pension.

    "I say this as the son of a war veteran, who when he died was a TPI pensioner. I have personal experience of this. I grew up in a war service home. My father's father was gassed on the Western Front, died of his injuries," Mr Swan told the National Press Club.

    "For me this is deeply emotional as well and the point is this, that our military superannuation ... compared to other schemes around the country, is much more generous than many others."


    well i get a service pension ( thats part from the government and part of the retirement contribution you make over the years ) D

    if i was a illegal migrant i'd be 2.8 times richer
    if i was a single mother of 2 i'd be 4.2 times richer
    if i was a old age pensioner , no service i'd be be 1.8 times richer
    if i was just enemployed i'd be 2.1 times richer

    for 28 years service and being toossed as medical ( class C or less that 30% injury ) i get 47.50 % of my last pay less tax

    calc here


    and if i was a 1st year politician (local not national or state ) i'd be 21 times richer

    and they can retire on full pay after only 9 years and with perks and paid retirement fund on top!
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