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    May 29, 2011
    I just acquired a Spreewerke P.38, with "cvq" code, no date. The serial number is 3975 n. According to LTC Joel Johnston, (Ret), US Army, who has a website (www.olarmyjoel.com) giving values for various P.38 military variants, the "cvq" was a "Last ditch P.38 after "cyq" die broke, assembled in Munich from parts." He also gives this variant a higher dollar value than the standard Walther and Mauser types.

    The gun I have is interesting in that it is all matching numbers, except for the barrel, where the original barrel serial number (which had suffix "c") has been "X'ed" out and the frame and slide numer hand stamped "39" to the left of the X's and "75" stamped to the right. These numbers are also about twice the size of the original stamped numbers. The original "c" suffix on the barrel is not X'ed out. The gun is in excellent condition, although it does show the machining marks, common to Spreewerke. So, my question is: Is this one of the guns assembled in Munich from parts, thus explaining why the barrel has been replaced? Or, is it simply a mis-matched Spreewerke gun, and therefore of lesser collector value than standard versions? Thanks, Howard
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