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Fabrique Nationale P90 Ammunition
The SS190 is the 5.7x28 mm Ball round. Its projectile will perforate any individual protection on today's battlefield including the PASGT kevlar helmet, 48 layers of kevlar body armor and the CRISAT target (titanium and kevlar). The SS190's conventional design allows it to be manufactured on existing production lines, and its lead-free composition eliminates range contamination.

Caliber 5.7x28mm
Cartridge length 1.6 in. (40.5mm)
Projectile weight ˜ 2.02g
Recoil implulse ˜ 1.95 kg m/s
Chamber pressure 345 MPa
Muzzle velocity 715 m/s
Perforation at 200 m - Body armor (48 layers of kevlar)
- PASGT helmet

Sb193 (subsonic round)
The Sb193 cartridge has been designed to deliver a muzzle velocity of about 300 meters per second. This eliminates the loud crack caused by a bullet travelling faster than the speed sound. To enable the weapon to function reliably when firing this ammunition, the reduced velocity is compensated for by using a heavier bullet. The subsonic round is identified by the bullet's white tip.

Cartridge length 1.6 in. (40.5mm)
Projectile weight ˜ 3.6g
Recoil implulse ˜ 1.3 kg m/s
Chamber pressure 345 MPa
Muzzle velocity 300 m/s
Energy loss a 50 m ˜ 100 J
Effective range (penetration
of 24 layers of kevlar) 50 m

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