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(2/26/02 3:49:59 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All How much should a polish up job cost?
I've got a very small, reliable Pa-63 that I'd like to make suitable for a backup gun. I bought a spring kit to reduce the terrible d/a trigger pull, and I would like to have the feed ramp and throat polished. I also wanted to have the trigger bar polished since they are known to have the occasional bur. I was put in touch with a local officer who said he'll polish everything up for 50 dollars (Half the price of the gun ) is that reasonable?

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(2/26/02 4:42:58 pm)
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Re: How much should a polish up job cost?
We've got a project working right now on the PA-63. We take the base gun, bring the DA pull into line (smoothed and lightened), radius the face of the trigger, polish feed ramp, stone the mag lips, competely dehorn the gun, remove the machining marks from the aluminum frame and hard chrome the whole nine yards. I've got a grip maker producing unfinished walnut and rosewood grips which we are finishing and checkering. Trying to get the finished product to retail out under $300.

Also working on a deluxe version with jeweled hammer and trigger and Ashley night sights...

I should have the first five guns (three standard, two deluxe) ready in April to send around as evaluation guns.

We'd do the action work and feed ramp on your gun for $50, as well.
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