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Discussion in 'The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum' started by CountryGunsmith, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. CountryGunsmith

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    Jan 29, 2003
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    (1/15/02 9:36:38 pm)
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    For sale, P-A 45, guy has two ( 2 ), wants 850.00 each.

    First one: model 13 with 3 hi-cap mags.
    Secong one: model 14 with 3 hi-cap mags.

    I think he would go 1600.00 for both, Are they worth that much????????????
    I am in the market for a " newer " 45acp.


    thanks, loader44.

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    (1/15/02 11:11:36 pm)
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    Seems a bit high, and like he is charging you for the high cap mag. Check out some of the auctions and try to get a feel for what things are going for. Depending on how regionally locked you are, the guy selling the guns may have the only market in you area and knows it.

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    (1/16/02 1:21:36 am)
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    What type of para are they? PDA, Limited, etc.? Stainless or blue? If its the limited series they run around $850 new here with one hi-cap mag. Para gives(or at least they did) you a coupon to buy two additional hi-cap mags. I think they were $50 each. It's been awhile since I bought my two extras from them so I'm not sure on the mag price.

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    (1/17/02 2:32:10 pm)
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    Shooter and flhunter, Yes the guy has the market here, its about three hours to the nearest next city.
    Both weapons are SS, both look to be " AS NEW " original boxes ,both are double action, " NOT DAO ", extra grips for both. But if you think the price is a little high, I can wait for the next gun show in the D/FW area next month.

    JFYI, lost out on a sale, 44magDE, brushed chrome, guy bought just before Christmas, lost his insurance, wife had a mojor problem with NEW BABY, sold it for 500.00, Told him I would have lent him the money just so he would'nt get so screwed on the sale.