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    Dose parallax effect you under the specific distance, over the distance, or would it be both. Dose parallax effect lower powered scopes. I'm talking like 3-9X.

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    Parallax is only a problem at shorter distances, or with a high scope mounting.....not nearly as much of a problem as bullet drop.

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    Parallax is the result of the image being focused in a plane other than that of the reticle. As such it will be present with targets both farther and nearer than that at which the scope was calibrated. That being said, however, it is generaly considered more of a "problem" at the closer ranges. To get a simple idea of wht exactly parallx is, try reading the speedometer on your car from the passenger seat(assuming it's not one of the new digital models). You will not read the same value behind the needle as the driver, and the farther "up" from the dial that the needle is, the greater the error will be. This happend in optics as well. Targets at a farther range will focuss at a different location in the scope than those at closer ranges. And vice versa. Adjustable objective scope will allow you to refocus the target range onto the reticle plane, but they cost more for this function.

    I use AO scopes, but I also put a point of reference in front of the scope eyepiece so that my eye is in the same place each time. It is the differing placement of your eye that allows parallax to be a problem (one reason the passenger is not responsible for knowing your cars speed. LOL). Once your eye is in the EXACT same place each time. parallax becomes a non issue, regardless of scope or of the range it was parallax corrected to.