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Parts for AR-15 build - budget friendly

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I sold my .44 mag redhawk to build an AR15. I am familiar with them to a certain extent but mostly on using one and not tearing it down to basic pieces. The Purpose for this ar is varmint, defense, and urban combat. Sub moa accuracy isnt necessary, but would be nice. Below are the parts I plan on using. Please comment if you feel other parts may be better suited, cheaper, or if I am lacking anything. (especially the small parts) and I am on a VERY TIGHT BUDGET. Right now i have $350 for the upper- bought wife a 38 spl with the other half.

$130- Wilson arms 20" gov profile stripped barrel (may cut down later for dissipator look) from JSE SURPLUS
$60- palmetto A3 blemished upper reciever, stripped (contemplating LAR Grizzly upper for $90)
$10 rifle length gas tube with roll pin
$40- MOE rifle length hand guards
BCG- undecided
Handguard Cap
YHM flip up sight/ gas block combo
Charging handle
Flash hider

What else? Thanks in advance.
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do you already have the tools? unless you have them or know someone who will do it free, I would just get one assembled like the one Maine posted there.

If you build that yourself, you will need:

upper vice block
barrel/combo wrench
finish chamber reamer
go/no go gauges

but those parts look like fair prices to me, I don't see any issue with anything there. What lower are you looking at, just curious
You forgot roll pin punches and torque wrench.
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