Pastor arrested for preaching to muslims

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    A pastor in Wichita, Kansas, heads to court today to defend himself against charges involving his efforts to witness for Christ outside a mosque.

    Pastor Mark Holick says the incident in late August occurred as members of the Islamic Society of Wichita were marking the holy month of Ramadan. Police were called when Islamists witnessed Holick and 13 others handing out packets that included the Gospel of John, the Book of Romans in English and Arabic, and a DVD with testimonies of former Muslims who have converted to Christianity.

    Holick claims he was basically ignored by the arresting officer. "I asked him, 'What am I being charged with?' -- and he wouldn't answer me," the pastor tells OneNewsNow. "And I asked him a second time and I asked him a third time...and neither time would he even respond to me."

    The Kansas pastor, who was ultimately charged with loitering and failure to disburse, is no stranger to controversy. In 2009 he won a $10,000 judgment after the City of Wichita admitted it had violated his civil rights when he was arrested for witnessing on a public city sidewalk during a homosexual event at a nearby park.

    "It's really good for Christians to see what has really happened to our court system," he shares, "because if you haven't gone through it before, you really have no idea what it has become. But I think it's going to be good at trial, regardless of the verdict."

    Holick, pastor at Spirit One Christian Center, will defend himself today before the Sedgwick County Municipal Court.


    now i ask you is Chistianity illegal in the USA now ?

    i remember landing at LAX a couple time and being bashed in the ears by hari Chrishna's who put a flower in my pocket then demand top be paid , but that was not illegal

    I remember some guy preaching that his cat was God and we all had to bow before it , but he wasn't arrested even when he grabbed my collar and tryed to drag me to the ground ( again LA ) to worship his cat,

    but you give a tract out to a muslim and your arrested ??

    so Is America a sharia based nation or will someone put a stop to this ?
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