Patriot Missile System

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    Did you guys catch any debate over W's SDI proposal?

    Daschle made a comment that "After all we all know the Patriot didn't work in the Persian Gulf."

    Correct me if my history is wrong, but I thought the Patriot did rather well against the Scuds, especially since they were never DESIGNED to do it.

    Is this revisionist history for political purposes already?

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    Considering that it was designed as a point defense system rather than an area defense system, I think it did rather well also.

    Liberals are great at revisionist history.

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    Daschle would do well in rememering this system is what kept Israel out of the Gulf War and allowed the coilition to wage the war. Otherwise, as Sadaam wanted, the Israelis would have jumped in with retaliation operations and caused the partership to dissolve, denying US troops the staging areas for the effort.
    As to it's effectivness, I think they did a marvelous job considering it was a patched together, jury rigged method of trying to shoot down incoming missles. The missed missle that hit the US troop messhall is tragic, but no one ever said war was a safe undertaking - something all military personnel and their families need to understand before joining up.
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