Pemmican recipe request.

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    May 8, 2007
    Newfoundland, Canada
    Looking for some recipes for pemmican that I can try over the summer and pick one or two to use for a couple of big hunts this fall. Going well back in the back-country and I don't want to carry lots of grub so I want something full of energy that will fill a hole. Keep in mind, I'm not a choosy man and about the only thing I will ever refuse to eat is Cheez-Whiz so throw in some creative ideas if you feel like it.
  2. Here's one you might try, bunny, at least it tasted good to me. :D

    4 cups dried meat - depending on how lean it is, it can take 1 - 2 lbs. per cup. Use only deer, moose, caribou, or beef (not pork or bear). Get it as lean as possible and double ground from your butcher if you don't have a meat grinder. Spread it out very thinly in cookie sheets and dry at 180° overnight or until crispy and sinewy. Regrind or somehow break it into almost a powder.

    3 cups dried fruit - to taste mix currents, dates, apricots, dried apples. Grind some and leave some lumpy for texture.

    2 cups rendered fat - use only beef fat. Cut into chunks and heat over the stove over medium (or Tallow) heat. Tallow is the liquid and can be poured off and strained.

    Unsalted nuts to taste and a shot of honey.

    Combine in a bowl and hand mix. Double bag into four portions. The mixture will last for quite a while without refrigeration.

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    Substitute pork fat and coconut meat, then wrap in palm leaves - set sail on any ocean for as long as you can. Pelicans rule.
  4. WarSteed

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    Mar 6, 2007
    Someone tell me what rendered fat is and how to get it? Excuse my ignorance heh.
  5. JohnK3

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    May 5, 2003
    Rendered fat is fat that has been melted. The melting is called "rendering" the fat.
  6. gaowlpoop

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    Actually, rendered fat is fat that has been melted and cleaned until it is clear when liquid and white when solid.
  7. JohnK3

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    May 5, 2003
    Yeah, I just kinda skipped over the "clear" part. You're absolutely correct.

    It's to fat what clarifying is to butter. (A different fat.)
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    Was AL, then Germany, now OH!
    Bradford Angier talks about pemmican in the outdoor books that he wrote (his is towards the bottom of this post). I've never tried his recipe - but figured one of these times I will. Here is a copy and paste from

    Chicken Pemmican
    Dry chicken in dehydrator, process in food processor; add melted coconut
    butter/oil and put in paper muffin cups. I freeze these so I won't eat them
    all at once.
    From: Susan Carmack

    Coconut Oil Pemmican
    Susan Carmack wrote:
    >I think I ate too much pemmican with coconut oil last night!
    >But it tastes so good!

    Yes it does. It is the most delicious dish I have ever had.
    I mix in some thyme or dried lingonberries. Yum.
    I can't resist it, so I eat too much.
    From: Hans Kylberg on PaleoFood list

    2 cups buffalo jerky or beef jerky, shredded
    1 cup dried chokeberries or tart red cherries, chopped
    6 TBSP tallow (beef fat)
    Combine all ingredients and form into 6 patties. Refrigerate until serving.
    From: (Diane Karnbach)

    Pemmican, According to Ray
    I make pemmican by grinding up several lbs of dehydrated eye of round
    slices with a handfull of dried cherries in a food processor or blender
    (or between rocks if you're a purist). The meat should dried until
    brittle to facilitate grinding and eliminate any moisture which could
    facilitate bacteria or mold. To this I add tallow until the dried
    meat is totally saturated. It's then done. Total time (apart from
    dehydrating meat) 15 minutes.
    I save tallow from broiling (cheap) hamburger during the previous week. I
    leave the broiling pan in the oven after the burgers are done for about
    10 minutes at 350 then leave it in the warm oven until I do the dishes.
    I then srain out the tallow into a bowl. As it now contains no water, it
    dries hard and white (it can be substituded for wax in making candles).
    If kept dry, pemmican will keep longer than you will live. Beware of
    condensation in airtight containers. I keep mine in a cassarole dish
    with a loose fitting glass lid on top of (not in) the refrigerator.
    From: Ray Audette
    Author "NeanderThin: A Caveman's Guide to Nutrition"


    Title: Hudson Bay Company Pemmican
    Categories: Canadian, Info, Camping, Preserving, Meats
    Servings: 1 info file

    "There is little object in travelling tough just for the sake of
    being tough."- The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England
    Trading into Hudson's Bay, an early employee manual.

    Pemmican: pound a quantity of jerky until shredded. Cut fresh fat
    into walnut sized hunks and try out over a slow fire or in an oven.
    Pour the hot fat over the shredded jerky and mix into a sausage meat
    like consistency [a 50/50 mix]. Pack mixture into waterproof bags.
    Add dry berries if desired; do not salt. It takes 5 lb of meat to
    make 1 lb jerky so pemmican isn't overly fatty, just concentrated.

    From Wilderness Cookery by Bradford Angier of Hudson Hope, B.C.,
    published by Stackpole Books, 1961


    Preserving game meat, not jerky: Cut meat into large strips, make a
    rub of 3 pounds salt, 4 tb allspice and 5 tb pepper. Drape over wire
    and air dry one month. Slice thin and eat raw or use in stews.

    From Wilderness Cookery by Bradford Angier of Hudson Hope, B.C.,
    published by Stackpole Books, 1961

    Pemmican: try adding dried apricots, ground walnuts, allspice or orange
    peel to the mix. Small seasoned pemmican balls make interesting

    From The Complete Hunter Venison Cookery, Cowles Creative Publishing
    Posted to by Jim Weller on 31 Jan 99
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