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  1. cgraz1187

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    Nov 9, 2006
    I was wondering if someone knew if a 380acp will penetrat 2 wooden doors, I just purchased a bersa thunder and I wnated to try it out down the basement. I have a little area set up down there that I have used with my 25. Basically 2 solid old wood doors in front a a piece of drywall... behind it.. solid brick. Will the 380 penetrate the 2 doors and hit the brick?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. 358 winchester

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    I would try it outside first and make sure to always use the same brand and bullet type as you did in the test. also the same distance!

  3. Kenneth

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    Oct 2, 2006
    Wood won't hold up to a lot before you chew a hole . If you seriously want an indoor range , and your handy with a welder , drop by a local Welding shop or scrap yard , get yourself 3 sheets of 5/16" steel about 4ft. high by 3ft. wide . Set one sheet at about a 60 degree angle and use the other two for side shield welded to the angled piece , then weld a piece about 3ft wide by 5" minumim tall across the bottom front , on the two side shields at the top you can cut you some hand slots for you and a friend to grasp for moving if you like .
    Fill the bottom with sand to the top of the botttom piece . Use cardboard and little imagination for taget holder or sections of the door to slow the rds up a litle before striking the steel .
    I would really suggest lead round nose as even a 380 with FMJ's are going to crack it sooner or later . Also you will need a vent fan , gunsmoke and lead will get stiffling indoors a lot sooner than you think . I wouldn't recomend anything stronger than 38 speacial wadcutters or 380 led round nose , for ricochette safety and back stop lasting . We made one outside and about every 100-150 rds of 357 mag require welding cracks .
    If your basement is cinderblock you are risking costing yourself some expense if you or a buddy shoot through your stop or miss it entierly , leaks and all sorts of pains in the rear .
    We also built somewhat smaller scale stops for a indoor rimfire range , 22's only and after a while even 1/4" steel looks like it's got the mumps with L.R. and even rimfires require some ventalation if you get a half dozen or so shooters going .
    If you don't mind cycling the action manually , you can get some plastic 38 cal. bullets and use primers only for some surprisingly accurate shooting at 10-15 yds . Reducing the need for such a heavy backstop , cardboard box filled with crumpled news papers works great for these .
    Edited this to say , if you don't have at LEAST 50 ft of shooting range in your basement , I would strongly suggest against it . Not trying to be a stick in the mud , but a safe distance and plenty of sand is a big factor when using a deflecting device for a stop , cannot stress this enough .
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    If you hit it is the same spot enought times any thing will penetrate
    But when you do it I would not use FMJ's
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    Jul 23, 2006
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    You may consider getting Glasers or MagSafes. Be sure of reliable feeding. (That would be expensive with an auto pistol, I know. That´s a plus for revolvers)