Petition to stop Socialized Healthcare

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    If the government wants to provide healthcare, then fine. Just DON"T FORCE US TO BUY IT!. It can be made available to anyone without forcing us to have it. If anyone wants healthcare and cannot afford it, the government can set up a program to help ONLY those who really want it. JUST DON'T FORCE EVERYONE TO HAVE SOMETHING THAT WE CANNOT AFFORD AND DO NOT WANT. Socialized healthcare will break this country. With the huge stimulus spending bill that seemingly did nothing and two unwinnable wars, how much else can the american people afford? We will be taxed to death over this healthcare and get little from it.

    Wake up folks. We need a cleansing in congress.

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    Nov 29, 2009
    I sort of feel the same way. I should still have the choice to buy it or not. Problem is, my tax money would directly fund a system that I would possibly not use. How is that fair? We are already stuck knee-deep in debt, we are paying for two wars that will cost us billions, we have the stimulus packages... That's all they do is spend, spend, spend. And who will bear the cost of all this? Mr. Joe Taxpayer.
    What are the benefits of this system? If I went to the doctor, it would be 100% free? I know everyone else's tax dollars would also fund it, but really how many people would use it? If the system was THAT much cheaper, everyone would switch over to this system and the current health providers would be run out of business, leaving many more Americans jobless. Why don't we take all the money we waste loaning to these irresponsible banks and the money we waste fighting these wars we are stuck in, and dump it into Medicare and Medicaid so it pays for people that get a string of bad luck and can't afford the bill? What we need is not an overhaul of the healthcare system. What we need is a little reform. Maybe doing something to get these drug companies to lower their prices. That's why it costs so much. I mean you get something called amoxacylin for a sinus cold sometimes... It usually costs alot when you don't have insurance to help pay for it. I can go buy the exact same thing in Mexico for $5. That is unacceptable and it pisses me off. Also, how much of our tax money would be devoted to this healthcare? How will you continue to pay all these doctors the current salaries they are getting? I just think that it's more trouble than it's worth. I watched Michael Moore's "Sicko" and it seems to me that we don't need a total overhaul. We need to do something to cut out this "Pre-existing" BS so that people can get care when they are paying an arm and a leg to the insurance company that screws them over when the people need what they paid for.
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    Hell you need socialized well as fee for service healthcare.

    This is only solution to the healthcare mess in the US of A.

    We need s socialized healthcare plan for the poor (people making under $150,000 a year) as well as a 'fee for service' plan for the rich. (current healthcare plan in the US.)

    But the insurance companies that own the politicians wont go for it.

    Capitalism and greed block social ethics at every turn.

    And if per chance a politicians leans in a direction of social ethics. The lobbyists funded by the rich tell him or her we will back your opponent and take you out of office come next election. But if you play ball we will fund your campaign.

    So human nature what it is, they go where the money flows.

    We already have a socialized education system. We all pay for educating the kids through taxes. And some of us use this system and others don't, but we all pay. The people that don't want to use the public education system go the private education route.

    So it should be with healthcare.

    Tax people 1% to 6% depending on income and start a gov run healthcare system that can be used by ANY citizen in need. If that tax is not enough revenue, then start charging foreigners flying into the US an arrival and departure tax. Or start charging a 1% SHC (socialized health care) sales tax.

    And tell all those new doctors in and out of med school the must work for the gov for 2 yrs with the socialized med plan. Tell them if you want to be n MD and make big bucks work in a cushy office and squeeze boobs all day you are going to have to give back to society a little before you go off to your practice.

    If some of the citizens don't like receiving socialized government run healthcare, then they can always go the private healthcare route and pay their own way. Just as they can do with private education, if public schools are not to their liking. This is the only way a socialized healthcare proposal would work in the US of A. You need duplicate healthcare systems to satisfy all comers. The rich and the poor that cannot afford the rich healthcare system.

    If the government has to limit care for the elderly, then do so. Sure give seniors good med care, but if it comes to hundreds of thousands of dollars for life support, tell them they are free to pay their way to private healthcare, but the gov and the people can't afford a half million dollars for every senior in the country just to keep them on ventilators.

    And I'm not a young guy bashing seniors either,

    I'm near 60 myself. But I realize that we can't keep printing endless money in the US of A. We must all start to think of what is best for society, as our world is fast decomposing before our very eyes.

    Most important, put this plan to a NATIONAL VOTE....Let the people decide what they want.

    Many of the people in the uninsured camp were once insured. But through some hardship they can no longer afford the average annual premiums of $13,375.00.

    You know, you may not have med insurance someday and be in the camp of the uninsured. And even if you are lucky enough to have some med pay, it may be shockingly different in benefits from what you have now.

    Here is something to consider to broaden the minds of those stuck in the tunnel vision of their own little world.

    "Kaiser forecast that the yearly family premium for health insurance could reach $30,803.00 in ten years if the 8.7% annual increase of the previous 10 years were to continue."

    And lets go out a further 10 years. Now, the average premium is $70,939.00 per year at an 8.7% annual increase.

    Some of you say that is ridiculous? Well, why so? If it has happened on a continual and regular year in - year out basis for decades...what will stop it?

    I gotta rant a little over the knuckleheads on TV that demand affordable healthcare. I wish they would stop talking nonsense about how they want 'affordable healthcare' without a socialized healthcare system.

    Doctors pays hundreds of thousands of $$ per year for malpractice insurance, as everyone is sue happy and tries to hit the lotto by going to court. The doctors runs every test under the sun to cover their xyz if they do have to go to court.

    The doctors have high overhead with office and personnel expenses. In addition, the doctors work hard to go to expensive schools for many years, so want to earn some big bucks. And their high priced houses, expensive cars and trophy wives suck down lots of money.

    The drug companies pay off the politicians to keep their drugs artificially high priced. And the insurance corporations are run for max profit for the high salaried CEO's and money grabbing shareholders. The hospitals are very expensive to build and run and have lots of expensive employees and overhead.

    So where in the hell do people get the dream that ALL this will EVER be AFFORDABLE?

    Many people seem to think the health insurance companies are charities and supposed to work for the benefit of the sick and needy. They are ONLY in biz to make money and not dole out charity. So don't get confused on this point.

    The good customer for the insurance company is the customer they never hear from, other than to get their premiums each month. The good customer for the insurance company is one that gets sick and then dies immediately in their sleep...before the insurance company has to dole out a red cent. The well run insurance companies job is to DENY as many claims as it can to MAXIMIZE their profit...that is the capitalists way.

    After all, we are a capitalist country and not a socialist country, so one must take the good with the bad. And don't forget all the hungry mouths we all have to feed on Wall Street.

    In my own case I have 'gone naked' for the last 25 years when it comes to health insurance. I just can't afford it...$14,850 a year for me and wife. I used to have Kaiser insurance when I lived in L.A. I paid about $60 to $80 a month for it, can't exactly remember. Then moved out of L.A. in the 1980's to the OV. Times got tough with the jobs and had to drop the med ins and could never afford to get it back.

    All that is left for me to do is to take care of my health the best I can and live like they did in the old days before hospitals were invented. But many Americans are not such health conscious.

    Get this DVD from your library:

    Showcases the poisonous diet that is being pushed off to Americans...again under the mandate of the almighty dollar that capitalism promotes as god.

    Americans will keep getting sicker and sicker as their unhealthy lifestyles and poisonous unnatural diets work their evil...and healthcare will just keep getting less and less affordable for them.

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