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To All,

Click on the link for a video of the service.

Chris Kyle, Seal Team Sniper Funeral/Cowboy Stadium

Friends, this is from Bill & Barbara Pozzi, Bill formally of UDT-13, & Seal Team 5/Bagdad, went to pay respects to a Hero.

I just wanted to tell you about the great day Bill and I had in Dallas yesterday. We had the privilege of attending Chris Kyle's funeral. Chris Kyle was a decorated war hero who was a sniper, Navy Seal, dad, brother, husband and friend to many. He was somewhat of a legend due to his skill as a sniper and had top record for that skill. He and his good friend Chad Littlefield were shot in the back while trying to help a wounded veteran. It has been reported that the veteran had PTSD and Chris and his good friend Chad were trying to help him. Then the wounded veteran took Chris's truck.

When Bill Pozzi heard of this he wanted to go to Dallas to honor him. Bill received word that he could wear his Navy uniform to the service. We did not know what to expect when we arrived at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas but the first thing we saw were hundreds of motorcyclists, Patriot Guard, waiting outside. Tons of fire, police and military uniforms were everywhere and the public too. If you were in uniform, you were ushered into an underground reception area which was really nice and the Cowboys had catered it with really good food and a bar with soft drinks. No paper plates here, real dishes, hot food and tons of military. I never have seen so many Tridents in one place in my life. (Tridents are the Seal Team emblem) Behind a black curtain was another room and there was Chris's body with military guard standing around it. This surprised me a bit. I went to stand in line to show my respect and looked to my right, about six feet away was Sarah Palin and her husband Todd. I went right up to her and introduced myself and said how much I admired her. She is more beautiful and younger looking than what she appears on the tv screen. She is the type of person who looks you in the eye and really talks to you. She was not surrounded by press, none in that room at all, no cameras allowed. She did not try to take any limelight, they just stood by quietly paying their respects.

In awhile they opened the doors and we were taken onto the field at Cowboy Stadium. They had chairs set up for the police, fire and military plus family. The biggest screen I have ever seen was hanging over that area with pictures of Chris and his family and Seal Team. They showed Chris as a child, Chris holding his children, he was Texas boy so there were shots of him on horseback and outside. There were shots of him and his wife but always a grin on his face. Handsome young man, big old country boy.

They started off with his best friends talking about him, then a few songs by some country and western star who I did not know, then more stories from Seal Team. I was touched that the friends and many of his family used scriptures to describe him and the life he lead. He loved his family, friends and country. He cried when members of Seal Team died. He was amazed and felt blessed that he had two great kids. He loved his wife and she told of how she thanked God for having him in her life. How he loved her despite her shortcomings. How he loved his kids. His wife talked of his friend Chad and how Chad would come over often and how they loved him. She talked of how Chris adored his kids and how he left Seal Team years ago to be with them.

His business partner talked of working with Chris. How they formed Kraft Company so that they could teach others to shoot and how he always was doing things to support and help veterans. Because of that love of veterans he died. He was helping one of them adjust and they snapped. The business partner talked of how Chris would play jokes on them and each day he shook the hand of each person there and shook the hand of the security guard in the basement when he parked his car.

I did not know Chris, but I wish I did. He sounded like a wonderful person who loved easily, smiled a lot and made people laugh.

A navy seal rep talked about the legend of Chris Kyle. People recounted that during one tour, he was supposed to be sniper cover for Marines but decided that he was too far back and ended up walking with Marines. Another time they were hit with fire and he stood up and just let loose and did his job. Another seal was taking cover and said he would never forget Chris just standing there firing. Bill says he has the record for most recorded kills but if they record 200 he is responsible for probably 500. He learned to hunt and shoot from his dad when he was young.

I watched his wife give a great talk surrounded by about eight Seal Team guys and one Marine. She cried but made it through. It was hard to watch.

The mom of a friend of Chris who died in Iraq spoke about Chris. She said that he offered for her to move in with their family and said he would always be there to take care of her because her son had died. She knew he meant it and he lived it.

Toward the end, Randy Travis came up on stage and sang two songs. He had no band with him, just sat down and sang. He was great.

Then they played Taps, everyone prayed too.

The bagpipe bands played and went before the casket. They were from Fire Departments and Police and military. Six members of the military carried his casket out. It was very quiet.

Bill and I could not believe how wonderful all of it had been. We walked up to an official looking man and thanked him and the Cowboy Stadium for doing this. He said that Mr. Jones was the man in charge so we asked where Mr. Jones was. He pointed him out and we went over and thanked him for his service and what he had done. It was Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys. I had no clue.

The security was very tight. No purses or bags of any sort allowed inside stadium. Everyone was wanded. Swat Team members stood with guns drawn all around the stadium.

Looking at the two children, a boy and a girl and how small they are and a wife who is broken hearted, you felt like someone kicked you. So senseless and so sad. But past that, it was uplifting to see the reverence and love that people felt for this man. This man loved his country dearly. He was on four tours, he completed his missions and came back alive. He chose to leave Seal Team in spite of his great love for them for a greater love of his family. He believed in God and prayed and was an example. He was a nut, loved jokes and choking out friends. He loved greatly and 100%. He reached out to help others. His legacy is great.

I watched young and old military yesterday give honor and was so proud of them. They got it. No one knows what each day will bring but Chris Kyle lived at the edge but chose to be the best and do the right thing right up to the end. All I can see now is Chris Kyle, looking down from heaven with a big grin on his face, encouraging all of us to be the best we can be.

Barbara Breazeale Pozzi
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