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    OK, it's research time. My Phoenix .25 arrived, and I'm pleased to say that it's in at least the condition claimed. Now the trick is to find out something about the gun. I have yet to find any references to it, except the cryptic one in the 22th Ed of the Blue Book.

    Previous importer located in Lowell, MA.
    PHOENIX - .25ACP cal., Belgian semi-auto previously manufactured by Rober et DeKerkhove located in Liege, Belgium. This trademark is rarely encountered - values would start at $350 and go up according to original condition.

    I'm looking for suggestions as to where to find out additional info on the gun, anybody want to venture a guess?

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    Re: Phoenix .25
    I found two additional sources for your pistol.

    1.The Firearms Price Guide copyright 1980

    Phoenix Arms Co.
    Lowell, Mass. Lowell Arms Co. C. 1920
    Handgun, Semi-Automatic
    Vest Pocket, 25 ACP, Clip Fed, Curio
    $250 $375

    2.Flaydermans Guide to Antique American Firearms 7th Edition 1998

    Phoenix Pocket Automatic
    Phoenix, Lowell, Mass. Pocket Automatic. Made c. 1920.
    Quantity Unknown. Very limited.
    Caliber 25. 2 1/4" barrel. Six-shot magazine. Blue finish.
    Checkered hard rubber grips.
    A small Pistol about the same size as a Colt 25 auto. Blow back type action with retractor spring on top of barrel as with European pistols of the era, of which it is a direct copy. Company name and address on left side of slide. Reported in 32 caliber, but specimens not Verified.
    Valies --- Very good $150 Exc $325

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    My suggestion is to look in Funk and Wagnalls....

    ...under UGLY!

    Looks like a stunted Frommer Stop.
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    Don't be running down my new gun! Actually, it appears to be an exact copy of the Melior 6.35 pistol. I've discovered that it was actually made in Lowell MASS, although only a few were ever produced.