Photographers in Vietnam

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    Photographers in Vietnam

    JW began a thread about photographers in Vietnam. The following site, hosts numerous pictures taken by various photographers. The following is a picture that I found absolutely incredible… it actually made me gasp out loud when seeing it.

    An ammunition dump struck by a shell explodes in front of U.S. Marines. 1968

    JW thought it would be great to post it in general, which I agreed with… he also mentioned, and here I’ll use his words… “That photo was from Khe Sanh I believe---I was at Dong Ha, about 9 klicks away during that time and the entire I Corp area was hell on earth. You might want to visit google also at: CONE OF FIRE AT CON THEIN---that is where Donald Barnes got killed---you recall you did his scratchings from THE WALL for me back in November.”

    Now, I did a search for this, as I was extremely interested, especially after going to The Wall to make an etching for JW of the name of a friend of his. I’ve done numerous searches to read as much as I can regarding Con Thein and JW…. it’s astounding…. as much as I read and try to learn and understand about Vietnam and the war there…. I’m still amazed by it all!!!!

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    Thanks Winter. Those are the kind of days when you could honestly declare that DISTANCE LENDS ENCHANTMENT!!! Prayers were plentiful, but you excused yourself and others for swearing. Everyone was quick on their feet--Charlie Hustle or Flashing Feet was a good nickname. Wilborn

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    Hi Winter -

    What a picture, eh? If you ever have a chance to visit the the Vietnam Veterans National Memorial at Angel Fire, New Mexico, you will see this picture prominently displayed in the Visitor's Pavilion. There are some other wonderful pix there as well.

    I would also recommend the book "In Requiem" written about those combat phtographers who were killed in Vietnam. It is a "coffee table" book that includes not only their great pictures, but tributes to them written by other photogs.

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    Reply "In Requiem"
    I have the book about the photographers who lost their lives in Vietnam. I ordered it off of Amazon the second I heard about it. It makes me cry to look at the pictures and read the stories about the people. I like the fact that it starts at the begining and covers both sides.