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Wifey gave the OK and I wasn't about to let her think the subject over, ordered that Earth Brown 308 SCAR with 16 inch barrel from Gun Gallery in Jacksonville, Fla. Neil there said he'd get it out the door Thurs morn and it was in Fairbanks Friday morning; will be at gun store in Tok lunch time Saturday. We've been getting some snow on the summits so might have to chain up, but I will get the gun; 400 mile round trip to closest gun store.

Best thing about the SCAR is our PFD state oil fund checks is paying for the gun. And to think Ole Jay Hammond our Bush Socialist Governor from the 1970's is responsible for the program that buys me guns, ha ha.

My nephew brought one up with him on a visit during Spring bear; man I fell in luv with that SCAR. Nephew's SCAR was also 308 and was under an inch, 3 rounds at 100 yards; he also killed a bear with his SCAR. So, I'm amped, Dumble Style for sure.

I hear the Federal Fusion is good ammo, but I'll be reloading 30 cal GMX, Nosler Partition, and TTSX for this 308. What 308 ammo you all like for hunting?

Being an AR, what is good 308 semi powder?

Will either put another ACOG or Leupold; like those red dot/horse shoes for hunting off snowmachines & atvs. I keep hearing about these Elcans, nephew had one in picts from his work guns in Afghan. Are the Elcans better than ACOGs?

Anyway, I'll try to post a pict of nephew's SCAR from last Spring.
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