Pietta 1862 J. H. Dance & Brothers .36

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    May 16, 2020
    I have been interested in obtaining a Dance .36 revolver for a few years, but the only new one available currently is the Pietta Dance .44. So...

    My "Plan A" was to use a Pietta 1851 Navy .36 with the plain cylinder and the part round/part octagon barrel from the Pietta Griswold & Gunnison .36 (which is a Leech & Rigdon that is not marketed by Pietta), mill off the recoil shields, either blue or case color the frame.


    I was just about ready to do that when I happened upon the October Country (Idaho) website in December 2019 which had recently purchased most or all of Dr. Jim L. Davis' replica revolver collection (he was the main character in the RPRCA: Replica Percussion Revolver Collector Association). Thankfully, I did not have to offer up my L&R and still have it.

    I found and purchased a cased set Pietta Dance .36 (date code BH/1996) for $325 (!). It is SN C00013, unfired, one of only 35 revolvers produced with the Angleton Texas barrel stamp. These revolvers were commissioned for manufacture by Pietta via Tony Gajewski, owner of the now-defunct Southwest Muzzle Loaders Supply Company (SMLS) of Angleton TX in 1996.



    The case and accoutrements were not originally issued with the revolver, and since I was only interested in the revolver, I sold them to a friend for $155. That means I only paid $170 for the gun. In 2010, Dr. Davis estimated the value of the revolver on the replica collector market at about $1000, mostly due to the scarcity of them. Since December I have only found a total of three Angleton marked guns: #7, #13 (mine), and #30.

    I researched this series of revolvers for about two months and documented what I found about both Pietta (1996) and Uberti (1985) Dance .36 revolvers. I was obviously surprised and OC most probably did not know what they had. If interested, I posted it on The Black Powder Revolver Collecting Forum.



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