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I have a model 929 (9 shot) 22 cal. pistol and am looking for the age of the pistol. It's seriel # is AU123151. i have owned the pistol for over 10 years and the person i got it from said he had it for at least that long or longer. any help would be appreciated.

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9 shot, .22 cal, model 929 - -

I bought a new H&R in a gun shop in the 50's that match that description.

lots of info on it in an article in Guns and Ammo HERE.

My dad bought a 939 at the same time.
He only had one arm, and the 939 had a cylinder release button behind the hammer, so it was really easy to open it one handed -

Looks like they made it from 1956 to 1986, and by checking your piece against the various changes described in the article, you can pin it down pretty closely.
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