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PIstol kit identification help?

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So I I was given this incomplete kit yesterday and I was wondering if anyone knows what it is? I'm planning on buying the trigger assembly and side plate this week, I know the lock is a L & R manton model# 1700P and I'm getting the manton side plate; but I don't know what this thing is, or what trigger to get, I know it's a .45 cal percussion cap and that's about it.

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lookup parts for lincoln derringers as the same lock plate is used by a couple repro outfits dixie has parts for lincolns in stock

you'd need the bridle, the pin, the fly and the trigger
Do you know if Dixie would have all those? And the pistol is at least a foot long, were Lincoln derringers that big?

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Might have a trigger and triggerplate,the sideplate could be cut from sheet brass or steel,screws might be a problem if the holes are stripped on the lockplate,but it could be re tapped one size up,Looks like a very well done base for building a Mang style target pistol.What caliber does it appear to be?
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