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the real fredneck
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(10/19/01 9:01:01 pm)
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In the never ending quest for the "perfect" 45/70 load I tried a few rounds loaded with Unique (17 grs) and 405 gr cast buddits this eliminated the unburned powder problem I had been having plus a lot of the flash and bang I had with slower powders 4198, 3031, 4320, 4064, according to the manual I didn't have to sacrifice much velocity was wondering if something like 4227 or Blue Dot or 2400 would be the cat's meow the short barrel and porting and the resultant muzzle blast have me pulling off after the first shot, have any others traveled this path before?

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(10/20/01 10:37:54 pm)
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IMR 4227 has always been a great powder for rifles when desiring a reduced loading.

Loading my .375 Winchester (a smaller version of the 45/70), I get real good results with Hodgdon H322 and H335. The H322 is about the same burn rate as your 4198. 4227 is just slightly faster.
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(10/21/01 3:27:33 pm)
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don't know if this helps, but I use ACC 2015 or IMR 3031 in my 45-70, acc powders are getting so hard to come by down here so I switched to IMR. seem to have a little better grouping at 150 rds with IMR, less recoil also. jmtcw.

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(10/21/01 9:09:57 pm)
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Yeah, Loader 44 -

I've got a mess of Accurate Arms powders accumulated. They just don't seem to work as well for me as the IMR's, Alliant and Hodgdon powders. Even have a good selection of the Vihtavouri stuff, yet always seem to get the best results with the 3 named. The Alliant group has really started to shine in my larger case rifle cartridges.
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