Please help out the noob.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1952Sniper, Mar 20, 2003.

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    Aug 22, 2002
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    (3/19/03 6:29:35 am)
    Reply Please help out the noob.
    Alright, I've made a few posts and read just about every thread on this entire board and y'all people seem alright, so I was wondering if I could bother you for a bit of advice?

    I am looking to purchase an AR-15 that will be used primarily for 3-gun matches(and destruction of various types of produce). Do you guys have any preferences, I have looked at the Arma-Lite, Colt, Bushmaster, and the DPMS Panther Arms. I don't really care if it is pre-ban or post-ban and would like to have the interchangeable sight system (iron or scope) like on the Colt A-3. The only work I would want done right off the bat is a trigger job and possibly a compensator. I would like to limit myself to about $1200-$1300 on the whole kit and caboodle(not including scope, I've got plenty of those lying around).

    If you know of one brand that consistently prints better or has better customer service, fewer jams, more durable, etc....that is what I am trying to find out. So if you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it

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    Re: Please help out the noob.
    You got enough cabbage there to buy new or used.

    It really comes down to personal preferance as all the major brands make good dependable accurate AR15s.

    Bushmaster is the most popular and the best value for your $$$. Very accurate. Bushmast has many options and accesories in thier catolog.

    Colt is known for accuracy, quality and some people question thier politically correct views but at least they are still making the AR15.

    Armalite cost more but I believe it sets the standards in accuracy and quality. That doesn't really matter though because all three of these brands are very close in both catagories. The AR in AR15 does stand for Armalite Rifle though. Armalite also has many options and accesories in thier catolog.

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    Reply Re: Please help out the noob.
    I thought AR stood for aweful recoil

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    The 16 inch carbine barrel Armalite AR-10 does not function reliably but the 20 inch barrel and top seem OK.


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    (3/19/03 11:19:53 am)
    Reply Please help out the noob.
    What piggy said.
    I've researched this topic extensively as I'm also in the process of obtaining an AR. If I had the bankroll you have to spend on one I'd go with an Armalite, (the Cadillac) top of the line Bushmaster, (Their customer service reputation is outstanding) or maybe a Fulton Armory model. (I've read nothing but good about their products) As my available cash is closer to half yours, I'm in the process of obtaining the pieces to build my own. Any of the flattop A3's will have the sight diversity you're looking for. If you want to buy online I can give you a few places with the better prices/Customer service reputations I've found. Just let me know.

    Good luck and keep us posted as to how this turns out.

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    What ever you decide to get, treat it right. don't go out and throw rounds down range. treat the barrel with some "Butch's Bore Shine. That will help maintain accuracy. "Accuracy is the result of uniformity"
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