Plinking loads for various calibers!

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  1. DoesItMatter

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    Jun 12, 2008
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    None of these loads are "Recommended" - just loads I have used.
    They are plinkers - no where near max loads, and only for target shooting.

    I am not recommending any of these, just saying what I have been using.

    I don't want to call down the wrath of god, or LDBennet or JLA - :D

    Plinking loads only! In my area, it is still quite a hassle to find various powders at a decent price.

    I still have trouble finding Unique and Bullseye at some stores - it sucks!

    I would love to hear what loads you are using - but again "Not Recommending!"


    44 mag -- 250 gr KSWC lead -- 8 grains Clays -- CCI Magnum LPP

    357 mag -- 125 gr RNFP lead -- 5 grains Green Dot -- CCI Magnum SPP

    45 acp -- 200 gr RNFP lead -- 5 grains Green Dot -- CCI Magnum LPP

    The 45 ACP load was under max, and I wanted to try some Magnum primers
    in replacement of Standard primers because of the shortage.

    It is getting better now, and a little easier to find primers, but they still arent' cheap!

    I had no problem with primer strikes on the 45 acp loads.

    All 3 loads shot fairly clean for reloads - by that I mean, no un-burnt powder.

    Good snap to them, but not a lot of kick - and more accurate than I can shoot them.

    Those are the test loads so far for plinking, and I would love to hear any of yours.

    Reason I'm using those shotgun powders, is they were cheap, and I could get them in 4 or 8lb containers locally.

    Once again - these are NOT recommendations - just what I have used for plinkers.

    I would definitely like to hear your plinker loads, especially if you're using shotgun powders for plinking!


    By the way - I saw this on

    10B101 Powder made by VihtaVuori, used in the .50BMG short range training cartridge
    with the plastic bullet. Can be loaded using Herco data. This is a very thin,
    square flake type powder that is not recommended for progressive
    machines, as it tends to bridge very easily. Best to load on a single stage
    press, dropping charges slowly. Excellent for use in magnum type handgun ammo.
    This is pulldown flake powder. $25/6# jug.

    Has anyone tried this out?

    I was thinking of ordering 4 jugs - so before the shipping charge, I'd be looking at

    $25 x 4 + $20 hazmat = $120 / 24 lbs = $5 a lb + shipping - damn cheap plinking powder!

    I mostly shoot 44 mag and 357 mag, and load single stage press, so I think this should be a good deal!
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  2. DoesItMatter

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    Jun 12, 2008
    Pacific NorthWest

    I went ahead and ordered 4 jugs of the 10B101 pull-down powder from

    Total with shipping and hazmat came out to $150 for 24 lbs = $6.25 a lb!

    44 Mag -- 11 GR Herco for 180 GR LSWC

    44 Mag - 240-250 GR LSWC -- 9 -> 11 grains of Herco

    357 Mag -- 158 GR LSWC -- 7 grains of Herco

    357 Mag -- 125 GR FPRNL -- 7 grains of Herco

    45 ACP -- 230 GR LRN -- 5 grains of Herco

    45 ACP -- 200 GR LRN -- 5 grains of Herco

    That was load data I found... so, I'm planning on 10 grains of Herco for my 44 mag loads

    Looking at under $0.01 a shot for the powder per bullet - not too shabby!
    Figure an average price of $0.03 per primer for each round,
    and whatever the bullet costs, looking at under $0.15 a round for 44 mag reloads.

    Online, even the cheapo 44 mag is running around $25-30 a box, so $0.50 to $0.60 a round.

    Gotta love reloading!
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  3. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    thats a pretty damn good deal, worth a try at least...
  4. DoesItMatter

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    Jun 12, 2008
    Pacific NorthWest

    Got the 24 lbs of 10B101 aka Herco in and loaded up 100 rounds of 44 mag.

    Using 10 grains for a 240 gr LSWC.

    Hopefully I can try them out this coming weekend and report the results.

    BIG flakes on this powder - I'm actually doing the loading with one of the Lee dippers.

    I figure even if I'm off by up to 0.5 grains I'm ok as the Lee loading manual
    shows a recommendation of 11.x to 12.x grains for a 240 grain lead bullet.

    Will report back with how they shoot.

    Oh - and yea, total price was $150 and some change, so this was $6.25 a lb shipped!
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  5. doug66

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    Jan 29, 2005
    11.5 gr. of Herco is super accurate out of my 4 5/8" barreled SBH and M77/44. Using Lee's TL240grSWC. (44mag).
    I'm out of Herco, but have Unique. 8 gr. of Unique works well in SBH but is not so good in rifle can't hardly keep 4 on a paper plate @60 yds.
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