Plot foiled in DC?????

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    Ok maybe I am a bit slow so I ask -
    What significance would it have been to kill this ambassador?
    Who would benifit and what would they benefit?
    Or is this all smoke and mirrors to make the DOJ look good?|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk3|103515

    WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Justice Department is accusing the Iranian government of trying to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States in a plot that that has been foiled by federal agents. "The United States is committed to holding Iran accountable for its actions," Attorney General Eric Holder said during a news conference. Charges stemming from the plot were filed in New York by the Justice Department.

    The suspects were identified as Manssor Arbabsiar and Gholam Shakuri. According to a criminal complaint, Arbabsiar is a naturalized U.S. citizen and holds a U.S. passport and an Iranian passport.

    ABC News reports that the plot would have also involved bombing attacks at the Saudi and Israeli embassies in the nation's capital.

    Obama administration officials stressed that while the plot was serious and could have killed many people if successfully executed, the cooperation of an informant helped prevent any explosives from being deployed.

    A White House spokesman said that President Obama was first briefed on the plot in June and that stopping it was "a significant achievement by our intelligence and law enforcement agencies."

    Justice Department officials said Arbabsiar approached an informant for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency in Mexico and inquired about his knowledge of explosives and the possibility of targeting the Saudi embassy in D.C., located in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood, near the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and across the street from the Watergate office and residential complex.

    Arbabsiar reportedly offered the informant $1.5 million for the death of the ambassador. The criminal complaint mentions that the assassination plot may have targeted the ambassador's favorite D.C. restaurant. The restaurant was not named.

    According to the Justice Department, the target of the plot was Saudi Arabia's top diplomat in D.C, Adel Al-Jubeir. Al-Jubeir first came to Washington in 1987, where he worked as part of the Saudi Diplomatic Service. In 2000, he became director of the embassy's information and congressional affairs office and has served in a variety of advisory posts in the kingdom. He became ambassador to Washington in 2007.

    The Saudi embassy released the following statement on Tuesday afternoon: "The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia would like to express its appreciation to the responsible agencies of the United States government for preventing a criminal act from taking place. The attempted plot is a despicable violation of international norms, standards and conventions and is not in accord with the principles of humanity."
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    Jan 11, 2010
    take a look at the Arab world for a minute then think about what you asked ..

    when AID's was discovered to be killing a heap of iranians who was at fault ?

    the nsex tourists to thailand of which iran had huge numbers , or was it blamed on America ?

    when Iran got caught making nukes , who was blamed ? America

    if they could kill the ambassador on US soil , who do you think they'd blame and why was a guy with a US passport used ??

    seriously ..

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    This has been brought to light now to get the attention off of "Fast and Furious"
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