Po' Boys M14 E2ish & oil filter comments

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    Always loved the M14 since my intro 42 years ago. Really liked the front handgrip of the E2 stock but just couldn't learn to love that big fat butt and exagerated shovel handle pistol grip. Made my own 'best of two worlds'. It irks me hearing some bad mouth the 14 as uncontrollable on FA, I did it then and still can, it's all in the stance; sorry 'bout those of you who can't!
    ALSO - been reading about the oil filter suppressor thing, what a joke! This is all just hypothetical here (A'hem) but if one would cut a piece of heavy aluminum (steel is heavier) to fit the bottom of said filter, drill and properly thread a center hole (would cost the price of 1 tap) and attach this piece to filter via good metal screws (filters have a nice little ring of holes already there), why buy an "adapter" ? Theroretically of course, it may quiet down a .22 (.22 subsonic ammo is already quiet!), trying it on a subsonic 9mm would be a joke. You'll get what sounds like a .25acp, if that's suppressed enough, good for you. A piece of PVC with foam rubber "wipes" works, hypothetically; a whole lot better.

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